Saturday, February 23, 2008


Lights at Night , Voyeur's Delight : The Ludlow ...

With a full head of steam , the Ludlow Robot is ready to go .... but how many are really aboard for the ride ? The belly of the monster looks to be mostly empty .

Friday, February 22, 2008


Attempted Armed Robbery at Trash and Vaudeville Friday Night ...

Restrained robbery suspect in ambulance at 9 East 7th Street at the corner of 7th and 3rd Avenue.

After fleeing down 3rd avenue the suspect climbed this fence probably hoping to hide from police but in the end found himself trapped in the fenced-in area at 9 East 7th Street .

Police officer searchs for evidence .

Police question witness at 4 St. Marks Place , Trash and Vaudeville where robbery attempt occured .

Trash and Vaudeville at 4 St Marks Place

At around 8:00 pm Friday night a black male attempted robbery at Trash and Vaudeville located at 4 St. Marks Place . At some point during the robbery attempt the male displayed a knife . It was reported that the knife was later discarded during his attempt to flee the scene . The knife was not found by police .
From what we were told at the scene by witnesses and police , police arrived at the scene causing the male to flee the scene first down St. Marks Place to the corner of 3rd avenue and then continuing flight down 3rd avenue to the corner on 7th street . At the corner of 7th the male climbed a fence at 9 East 7th street apparently hoping to be able to hide from the police .
The male found himself trapped behind the iron fence . Unable to climb out of his cage and run without being caught while climbing the fence the suspect remained within his cage as police watched .
An NYPD Emergency Services team arrived at the scence and cut a lock on a gate to the fenced -in area . Police then moved in to take the suspect into custody but the suspect was very emotionally excited and un-cooperative .Police used necessary force to capture and subdue the suspect applying a restraining jacket to make control of the suspect easier . The suspect was then taken by ambulance directly to the Bellevue psych-ward for observation .
It was reported that one police officer injured a knee during the confrontation at 4 St. Marks Place .


Light Snow on 4th Street

Thursday, February 21, 2008


With Another Day in Court Granted St. Brigids Still Stands , this Night Limbed by Moon-Light ....

The New York State Court of Appeals has very recently agreed to review the legal issues concerning the Archdiocese of New York's descision to demolish St Brigids . This is a review by the highest court of the State of New York and will likely be the final word from the state as to whether the Archdiocese can demolish St Brigids .
This church in addition to its religious significance is also an important historical building of local and national significance . It is a historic piece of Tompkins Square Park too . Look to the east when in the park and your gaze will include the church , establishing a part of a familiar eastern edge for the park .
We can only repeat here what we have written before in an earlier post here at NMNL titled "Some of What Remains of St. Brigids Church" . That is to repeat here the words of the late 18th century aphorist and survivor of a revolution , a Terror and Napolean himself , Joseph Joubert . Joubert knew from personal experience much about wild , revolutionary change and survival in its midst .
"Monuments are links which unite generations . Preserve what your fathers have seen " .


Hop Devil Grill Closed by Court Order ..

Police officers posting a court order

Early thursday evening NYPD 9th precinct personnel closed the Hop Devil Grill at 129 St. Marks Place . Since complete documentation was not posted at the site as is the usual procedure it is not know at the present why the bar was closed . Though the bar has been closed in the past for serving alcohol to minors it is not known whether this was again the reason for NYPD posting a closure notice and padlocking the entrance to the bar .


What's What : Lawrence at Ray's Candy Store in the Spring of 1995


East Village Hosts Full Lunar Eclipse Wednesday Night

Moon over Niagara

Avenue A Moon-gazer .

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


NYU Students , Not Only Has this Guy Grabbed the honor of Being Smarter Than You in the Lab He Can Likely Grab Your Milk Money at Recess Too

Thanx to Animal Planet for introducing us , with this and other pictures , to these superior individuals.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Along Avenue A : Pieces of the Night


Fire Above Cherry Tavern on 6th Street ...

This Tuesday morning at 2:19 AM FDNY was called to extinguish a fire above the Cherry Tavern at 441 East 6th street between avenue A and B .
We had been out on the town with friends and came upon this fire by chance on our way home .With a few drinks under our belt we photographed what we could . We missed the more dramatic aspects of the fire , flames and all , but did witness the presence of a considerable FDNY contingent at the scene . The fire had been extinguished and the building closed . At least 2 individuals were seen being treated at the scene for smoke inhalation . Though there may have been more injuries no other injured were seen at the scene .Whether or not the Cherry Tavern was significantly damaged is not known .

Monday, February 18, 2008


Fin de Siecle Summer Eve at Ray's Candy Store

Sunday, February 17, 2008


1973 Mercury : Genuine "Detroit Iron" Parked on 7th Street Friday Night

This could be a picture of the old East Village 20 plus years ago ...but its not .
Credibly today we can argue the likelihood that some where on a wall there behind the curtained windows is a 60 inch flat panel HD screen displaying the latest reality programing ,that somewhere inside this building someone has their i-Pod docked and the sound turned -up , that someone has , as they often do , ordered-in and that computers are certainly running , some connected to the world-wide web delivering everything to their owners that they believe they need to know .... and maybe a little suitably bourgeois porn too.


Saturday Night at Manitoba on Avenue B

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