Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Fire Above Cherry Tavern on 6th Street ...

This Tuesday morning at 2:19 AM FDNY was called to extinguish a fire above the Cherry Tavern at 441 East 6th street between avenue A and B .
We had been out on the town with friends and came upon this fire by chance on our way home .With a few drinks under our belt we photographed what we could . We missed the more dramatic aspects of the fire , flames and all , but did witness the presence of a considerable FDNY contingent at the scene . The fire had been extinguished and the building closed . At least 2 individuals were seen being treated at the scene for smoke inhalation . Though there may have been more injuries no other injured were seen at the scene .Whether or not the Cherry Tavern was significantly damaged is not known .

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Do you have any more pictures from this fire? My father was the chief at this particular fire, and I'm curious if you have any pics of him at work.

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