Thursday, February 21, 2008


What's What : Lawrence at Ray's Candy Store in the Spring of 1995

is he still around? i think i remember him screaming at shirtless people. he really hated that, thought it was immoral.

Yes ,Lawrence is still around though his visits to the E.V. are rare events these days.

According to Lawrence ,at least as far as I understood his take on the issue ,it wasn't so much that it was immoral for a boy to go with out a shirt , it was that the girls weren't free ( until recently at least ) to do so too.It was unfair you see.

Though a girl exposing her breasts certainly did impress Lawrence as immoral and harmful to the girls because they were causing the boys ,among other things , to have erections ,i.e. the boys were using the girls and this was disrespectful to the girls and thus harmful to them ...

There is a post on NMNL titled "Political reality" that displays some of Lawrence's writings which might provide a little bit of a basis for understanding Lawrence's take on the relations of men and women ( to him the "boys" and the "girls ")

Somewhere I have some pictures of Lawrence on avenue A with a 175 foot long scroll roled out flat that examines and thoroughly treats of the whole of creation . Unfortunately it is on a crashed hard-drive and may not be accessable .
thanks for the explanation. that makes him seem less scary, actually. sometimes he seemed so violently angry that i'd get nervous--i had no idea that the reasons behind his anger were so complex, even noble.

that scroll must have been amazing!
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