Sunday, February 17, 2008


1973 Mercury : Genuine "Detroit Iron" Parked on 7th Street Friday Night

This could be a picture of the old East Village 20 plus years ago ...but its not .
Credibly today we can argue the likelihood that some where on a wall there behind the curtained windows is a 60 inch flat panel HD screen displaying the latest reality programing ,that somewhere inside this building someone has their i-Pod docked and the sound turned -up , that someone has , as they often do , ordered-in and that computers are certainly running , some connected to the world-wide web delivering everything to their owners that they believe they need to know .... and maybe a little suitably bourgeois porn too.

does it come as a hybrid?
No , just 8 gas-guzzling , Detroit bored , massive castiron cylinders... real honest-to-God Detroit Iron .
your slanted view of things really blows
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