Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hop Devil Grill Closed by Court Order ..

Police officers posting a court order

Early thursday evening NYPD 9th precinct personnel closed the Hop Devil Grill at 129 St. Marks Place . Since complete documentation was not posted at the site as is the usual procedure it is not know at the present why the bar was closed . Though the bar has been closed in the past for serving alcohol to minors it is not known whether this was again the reason for NYPD posting a closure notice and padlocking the entrance to the bar .

The Hop Devil Grill is for some reason the target of the 9th precinct. Although a criminal incident has never occured there, the department, obstensibly with nothing more important to do, continues to harrass this establishment. The staff scans every customer who comes in no matter how old they appear but I guess if the police keep sending in the underaged cadets over and over, they eventually find some stupid staffer to sell them a beer. You have to feel sorry for the owners of this place that is really low key and has maybe the best selection of interesting beers in the city. It is not a rowdy place though and is dead quiet except on Friday and Saturday nights when the whole neighoborhood is crowded with hipsters.
probably refused to make the payoffs.
Yeah -- this is complete BULLSHIT because they closed the place down right in the middle of motherfucking STOUT MONTH.

I'm so ripshit over this, you have no idea. Last Thursday I made my way all the way downtown and I was really looking forward to some tasty stouts and instead im greeted by a steel gate and an orange sign telling me I CANNOT HAVE ANY TASTY STOUTS TODAY

I'm off to fling some POO on the 9th precinct
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