Thursday, February 21, 2008


With Another Day in Court Granted St. Brigids Still Stands , this Night Limbed by Moon-Light ....

The New York State Court of Appeals has very recently agreed to review the legal issues concerning the Archdiocese of New York's descision to demolish St Brigids . This is a review by the highest court of the State of New York and will likely be the final word from the state as to whether the Archdiocese can demolish St Brigids .
This church in addition to its religious significance is also an important historical building of local and national significance . It is a historic piece of Tompkins Square Park too . Look to the east when in the park and your gaze will include the church , establishing a part of a familiar eastern edge for the park .
We can only repeat here what we have written before in an earlier post here at NMNL titled "Some of What Remains of St. Brigids Church" . That is to repeat here the words of the late 18th century aphorist and survivor of a revolution , a Terror and Napolean himself , Joseph Joubert . Joubert knew from personal experience much about wild , revolutionary change and survival in its midst .
"Monuments are links which unite generations . Preserve what your fathers have seen " .

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