Friday, November 02, 2007


A Children's Halloween in Tompkins Square Park

On Halloween at crepuscle some very jubilant costumed children ( and some costumed parents too ) marched with a band from their school , The Neighborhood School , to Tompkins Square Park
In the park this Halloween night there was music to enchant all ... and for those that could climb the fence , a great central lawn for a magical playground too .


Halloween Night Fights - Part 2

A bit more than an hour after the events at Cheap Shots pictured in the previous post occurred , more violence was seen on 1st avenue between St Marks Place and Ninth street : a man and woman were stabbed.
It appeared that the man was stabbed in the head and that the woman was stabbed in the leg.
Both the man and woman were treated as necessary at the scene and then taken to the hospital . We do not know the seriousness of their medical conditions .
We believe at this time that the stabber fled the scene and was not caught by police .
The connection of this violent event with events in the the bar Cheap Shots is not clear but the injured young woman can be seen in the previous post standing at the entrance of the bar .
This time police closed the bar , at least for the night .


Halloween Night Fights - Part 1

Halloween night around 11 PM at 142 1st avenue as the neighbors above watched , police attempted to bring under control and end a fight at the bar Cheap Shots . A fight which had either started inside the bar and moved outside or simply started on the sidewalk in front of the bar . A fight which left some bleeding , bruised and in pain .
Among those claiming injury was a pregnant woman in a leopard patterned outfit and high-heeled boots who claimed that she had been kicked in the stomach and was in pain .
At least two were arrested as the general disorder continued outside the bar . Police closed the bar while several individuals continued to confront each other and argue contentiously occaisionally comming close to blows .
We do not know the cause of the fight or who it was that started it .
After a half hour or so as things calmed down on the sidewalk outside the bar the police allowed the bar to re-open . This was probably not a wise action on the part of the police as can be seen in the following post .

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Saturday Night Fights on Avenue A : A Round of Non-Costumed Fighting ...

As one of the teams of costumed participants of the battle of the previous post left avenue A , the field of play , by way of a Lincoln Town-Car , some more thuggish heavy-hitters from the sidelines of this earlier conflict proceed to have a street-fight of their own .
This fight was not as colorful but it was every bit as violent if not more so . The people fighting this time are male thugs with a lot more wallop to each punch than the light-weights in the previous contest . The fight ended on the far side of St Marks Place with one man down in the street .

Monday, October 29, 2007


Saturday Night Fights on Avenue A : Costumed Combat ...

What we do know is that for some reason a young woman with black hair , wearing a pink top and black hot-pants went down on the sidewalk . It was but a few minutes later , around 4:30 Sunday morning , that this young woman got up and went after some other young women down the block on avenue A . A minor donnybrook ensued with many of the combatants in full dress costume .
One brown haired petit young women seemed to very energetically be constantly engaged throughout the full dress avenue A dust-up , even at the end climbing into a town-car to continue the fight as her opponents were attempting to abscond .


Young Man Shot at 6th Street and Avenue D ...

Early Sunday morning around 2:30 AM near the intersection of Avenue D and 6th street a young man was shot in the leg . The young man survived the incident and was taken to the hospital by ambulance .
Personnel from the 9th precinct , housing police , NYPD aviation , K-9 , and Special Operations participated in pursuing 3 young male suspects in their 20 s through the neighborhood .
A vertical search for one of the suspects was made in an apartment tower in the near-by city housing project between avenue D and Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive . The mixed team of NYPD units searched the tower as NYPD Aviation swept the roof with a searchlight . No suspects were found in the building .
As several very distraught young friends of the victim , one of whom was carrying a shoe that medics had removed from the foot of his wounded leg , crossed the street the grandmother of one of these friends commented that " this happens all the time here , we have a shooting here every week " .

P.S. 2 November , 2007 : We have learned from police sources that this young man was not shot by 3 young men in hoodies . His own incompetance with a firearm resulted in a un-intentionally self-inflicted wound produced by his own gun .

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