Monday, October 29, 2007


Young Man Shot at 6th Street and Avenue D ...

Early Sunday morning around 2:30 AM near the intersection of Avenue D and 6th street a young man was shot in the leg . The young man survived the incident and was taken to the hospital by ambulance .
Personnel from the 9th precinct , housing police , NYPD aviation , K-9 , and Special Operations participated in pursuing 3 young male suspects in their 20 s through the neighborhood .
A vertical search for one of the suspects was made in an apartment tower in the near-by city housing project between avenue D and Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive . The mixed team of NYPD units searched the tower as NYPD Aviation swept the roof with a searchlight . No suspects were found in the building .
As several very distraught young friends of the victim , one of whom was carrying a shoe that medics had removed from the foot of his wounded leg , crossed the street the grandmother of one of these friends commented that " this happens all the time here , we have a shooting here every week " .

P.S. 2 November , 2007 : We have learned from police sources that this young man was not shot by 3 young men in hoodies . His own incompetance with a firearm resulted in a un-intentionally self-inflicted wound produced by his own gun .

Again powerful photos and heartbreaking as well for all involved...You can see why people who do not romanticize this city stay home to be safe...
Again I can these events wide there are people that have no respect for life and lack empathy...If "bullies with guns and fists" had to spend time with severely handicapped people or terminally ill people maybe that would help them find their humanity and some respect for takes brave people to police this city and brave people to go out work, live, love
Heartbreaking...Doesn't make the news -- glad you documented it...
bob your the best,the real world,nite riders and day
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