Friday, November 02, 2007


A Children's Halloween in Tompkins Square Park

On Halloween at crepuscle some very jubilant costumed children ( and some costumed parents too ) marched with a band from their school , The Neighborhood School , to Tompkins Square Park
In the park this Halloween night there was music to enchant all ... and for those that could climb the fence , a great central lawn for a magical playground too .

the texture of mosaic of people filling the frame...beautiful...
a lot of beauty in the crowded photos, child on the shoulders of a parent, the light from old style lamp post....
the have not succeeded in NYU-ing the park to death yet...but soon
Hi there,

I am enjoying the TSP content of your blog. I am a graduate journalism student doing a project about the park, & I wonder whether you might have time to share your views about the park with me in an interview? If you are interested, You can reach me at fay dot schopen at btinternet dot com. thanks.
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