Friday, November 02, 2007


Halloween Night Fights - Part 1

Halloween night around 11 PM at 142 1st avenue as the neighbors above watched , police attempted to bring under control and end a fight at the bar Cheap Shots . A fight which had either started inside the bar and moved outside or simply started on the sidewalk in front of the bar . A fight which left some bleeding , bruised and in pain .
Among those claiming injury was a pregnant woman in a leopard patterned outfit and high-heeled boots who claimed that she had been kicked in the stomach and was in pain .
At least two were arrested as the general disorder continued outside the bar . Police closed the bar while several individuals continued to confront each other and argue contentiously occaisionally comming close to blows .
We do not know the cause of the fight or who it was that started it .
After a half hour or so as things calmed down on the sidewalk outside the bar the police allowed the bar to re-open . This was probably not a wise action on the part of the police as can be seen in the following post .


In picture L1014777jbs.jpg, what is the blue light on the back of the "leopard's" thighs?

It is a reflection of the bars lighted signs .There is an IR cut filter on the lens ,which is required with the M8 , that is responsible . Usually I erase the reflections but this one I was just too tired and lazy to remove
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