Monday, October 29, 2007


Saturday Night Fights on Avenue A : Costumed Combat ...

What we do know is that for some reason a young woman with black hair , wearing a pink top and black hot-pants went down on the sidewalk . It was but a few minutes later , around 4:30 Sunday morning , that this young woman got up and went after some other young women down the block on avenue A . A minor donnybrook ensued with many of the combatants in full dress costume .
One brown haired petit young women seemed to very energetically be constantly engaged throughout the full dress avenue A dust-up , even at the end climbing into a town-car to continue the fight as her opponents were attempting to abscond .

The photos are amazing but what is most sickening is it appears a young woman is kicking under young woman down on the ground who appears helpless and it evokes the question who parented this young woman-- young people to behave so cowardly?
The photos if they were paintings would be visually powerfull but as a social commentary they conjur cowardice and people that do not understand right from wrong.
I would add this comment I wrote for the other violent melee...
If "bullies with guns and fists" had to spend time with severely handicapped people or terminally ill people maybe that would help them find their humanity and some respect for humaity.."
Maybe when young people start showing this kind of violent behavior they need to be put in to progams that evoke some empathy at hospitals and hospice centers...

TV, movies, music, music videos glamourize violence and here it is reflected on the streets and I am sure the people being violent are not capable of feeling shame or that they did anything wrong but rather are proud.
This is one small reason it's called
"The concrete jungle".
i'm sorry but a bunch of people in costume fighting never ceases to be fucking hilarious to me. there's nothing, absolutely nothing intimidating about it, even if it might be dangerous (not sure its even that). i dont necessarily respect any of these people but that just adds to the hilarity to me.
Yes the concrete jungle and it is entertaining as long as you are not a casulty or a family member or you don't have to pick a bloodied body off the street and I am sure some film maker will make it into film or these kids would proudly post on you tube...this kind of entertainment has been rife hence the colliseum in Rome as long as it isn't young on the ground with your head being kicked in you are entertained. The photos are powerful but not entertaining.
The neighborhood seems to be cycling back to the late 70's. For those of you who cannot remember that far back - we could not go out after dark, had to catch taxi's home, had to watch who followed us down the street, and into the building.

It was not "hilarious" watching spmone get shot, stabbed in the back in front of you.

East of Avenue A was "no man's land". Only the elderly and people with big dog's went into the park.

Maybe now you "newbie's" will leave our community. Between the fights, the crimes, the rapes, the rats, the bedbugs how can this community appeal to any of you? Why pay $3,000 for a studio apartment here?

Go back to where you cam from.

Would you be laughing if this happenned in front of the house of where you grew up? Probably not.

Well, this is where I grew up and I don't find anything funny or entertaiing about this.
i agree with the last anonymous. thanks for shooting and posting these photos.
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