Friday, November 02, 2007


Halloween Night Fights - Part 2

A bit more than an hour after the events at Cheap Shots pictured in the previous post occurred , more violence was seen on 1st avenue between St Marks Place and Ninth street : a man and woman were stabbed.
It appeared that the man was stabbed in the head and that the woman was stabbed in the leg.
Both the man and woman were treated as necessary at the scene and then taken to the hospital . We do not know the seriousness of their medical conditions .
We believe at this time that the stabber fled the scene and was not caught by police .
The connection of this violent event with events in the the bar Cheap Shots is not clear but the injured young woman can be seen in the previous post standing at the entrance of the bar .
This time police closed the bar , at least for the night .

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