Thursday, December 31, 2009


A Warmer Night on Avenue A ...

Not tonight's 30 degrees this night and warm enough to bring out the swarming East Village masses . A lone cop on a Vespa was there to shepherd them . This churning throng , chaotic and on its way to God knows where . Some descending alcoholically through the evening in dissipation to dormancy at some one's doorstep .
We can't recollect the exact date of this pictured evening . We do present here though a picture of John "the Commie"Potok ,wearing his red "Class War Organizer" T-shirt, attempting to impress two young women with pictures of his squat in a copy of the design magazine of the Sunday NY Times . One can see the boldly printed word "Squatter" on the page of the Times story about squatter chic in the East Village .
John's squat was one of the squats presented in the roundly praised story .The perceived squatter effrontery of this particular story praising the squatters residences almost certainly played a part in galvanizing the Giuliani administration to acting to evict not only the audacious 13th street squatters in the story but all the others too by sending a contingent of several hundred cops led by commissioner Bill Bratton , in a very slick suit and expensive shinning shoes , and a 1950s International Harvester built M75 Armored personnel carrier to 13th street .These evictions occurred in the spring of 1996 , a short time after this printed squatter chic celebration hit the streets .
Whatever , later on this warm night in spite of the occasional presence of a scooter cop--not uncommonly in these times on avenue A scooter cops would ride down the sidewalk two abreast to herd the unruly masses , dispersing them into the street and down the block-- some of this evening's more exuberant players managed to produce a nasty fight with at least one knife brandished .

Holy Smokes! is that Gypsy?
Hey you kids! Get off my Plymouth Reliant! I don't want any scratches on it when I drive my score back to Jersey!
If I remember my internecine squabbles correctly, didn't John the Communist fall out of favor for taking a buyout before the hammer fell on 13th street?
2010 is the right time for "East Village Squatters! where are they now"
Yes , its Gypsy with Cowboy Stan and Tarzan and Sasha.

No John the Commie didn't take a buy out . He did cause some problems in court though .these problems made it a lot more difficult to persue the other squatters ends in court .
The SHADOW long ago exposed John the Glom-munist's role in subverting the legal effort of the 13th Street squatters to keep their buildings out of the clutches of Antonio Pagán's phony "low-income" housing group (LES Coalition Housing Development).

In exchange for a promise from HPD to get him a FREE apartment elsewhere, in addition to sabotaging the squatters' case by testifying and filing affidavits with the court, claiming that the people who had signed on to the suit against HPD were not truly residing in the 13th Street squat buildings, John and his crew (usually Joel Meyers, aka "Caveman" and Carl Rosenstein, aka "Frenchy"), calling themselves the "Class War Organizer," disrupted squatter meetings and attacked attorneys who offered their services free of charge, in an effort to drive them away.

When 13th Street was lost to Pagán, John was betrayed by HPD, which gave him NOTHING for his efforts, leading him to sleep in front of Odessa on Avenue A at night.

Carl (we call him "the Troll") subsequently attempted to get John into the Dos Blockos squat under his sponsorship, but residents there were given copies of the SHADOW in advance of their house meeting, with the story about John and what he did at 13th Street.

The result was that John was denied admission to this squat and ultimately went back to his white trash existence in PA.
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