Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Last Stand on 13th Street...

Two nights before the Giuliani administration , employing hundreds of cops and a single 1950 s era International Harvester (remember Haymarket Square ) APC (armored personnel carrier) , forcibly evicted the members of the 13th street squats , Carl the Trotskyist (right) and John the Communist are seen tabling : hustling books , pamphlets and "Class War Organizer " T-shirts . Behind them can be seen some other squatters and the 13th street squat buildings ,one of the largest squat building complexes in the East Village .
A week or so before this night some of the squat interiors had been pictured in the Sunday design magazine of the New York Times as examples of " Squatter Chic " . Seen as examples of good , low- cost design by some design critics the pictures and article were also seen as an affront to the Giuliani administration making the military style mass eviction inevitable .

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