Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Concerning the Use of Force

In an earlier post titled "Some Aspects of a Civil Agreement " we dealt with an eviction situation in which the the police were involved as peace keepers and protectors of the rights of some legal occupants of a squat . Here we again present and treat of an eviction situation which involved NYPD.

During the early 1990s the City of New York evicted some squatters from some buildings on 13th St. in the East Village . This action by the city included several hundred police officers ,some outfitted and armed as above , and several special vehicles including the 1950s era International Harvester armored personnel carrier also shown above .

As threatening and heavy-handed as the use of such heavily armed forces supported by armored vehicles appeared to be to many at the time , at least the city had seen to it that due process had been afforded the squatters before attempting to forcefully evict them . Unlike some developers and landlords today the city had abided by the states eviction laws and taken the squatters to court to obtain a lawful order to evict the squatters before using force to evict them from the squat buildings .

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