Saturday, March 06, 2010


A Spring Day ....

Sunny and warm , it seemed a spring day . We'll likely soon have hell to pay for such a pleasant day in early March .
Last night some wilding youths stole One Arm Larry's plastic prosthetic arm while he was passed out on the Avenue A sidewalk .
Mosaic Man has a new mosaic in a window on 8th Avenue at 43rd Street .
The Crustys were back in Tompkins Square Park today sunning themselves with some beers in hand .
Gigi is now happily blond and having more fun .
And we really like these red bars and the skeletons on Avenue C .


Man With Faerie in Hand at Ray's Candy Store


Dino Dinners?

Thursday, March 04, 2010


The Entire Archive for This Blog Now Seems to Be Accessible

We have changed the frequency of the archiving to weekly rather than monthly. This seems to make the whole of the archives available . Though it tends to complicate the problem of choosing which archive , there are so many now , it does as far as we can determine now make it possible to access all 1456 posts . The search feature also now works .

We have no idea what Blogger changed that created this problem . This blog had been operating properly for more than 3 years until something changed all that a week or so ago .


Blogger Problem Continues ....

It is still impossible to view the first several posts in each of the monthly archives . This means that 20 to 30 percent of this blog is currently inaccessible . The search feature is also compromised in the same manner , the first several posts of each monthly archive are inaccessible.


Ray Writes a Check for His Liability Insurance ...

Tonight Ray wrote a check to pay for a new commercial general liability insurance policy. Ray received some necessary help from several friends in order to be able to write this check . Amazingly , unlike most businesses , Ray has never had such an insurance policy .
Obtaining this insurance policy has been one of the landlord's 3 requirements . The remaining 2 requirements are that he of course pay his rent and that he also resolve the frying issue by either no longer frying his money maker Belgian fries or by installing a proper exhaust system with an automatic fire suppression system .
Ray spent 6 hours today at his accountant's office being grilled and scolded by government bureaucrats while signing multiple checks for payments to federal and state government agencies . He left the accountants office with most of his rent and Con Edison money spent . It was not an easy task for Ray to write this check for the new insurance policy tonight .

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Help Save Ray's at the Theater For The New City , Monday Night March 8

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Please Note : Much of the Content of the Archives of this Blog is Currently Inaccessible ...

It is not currently possible to access all of the content of the archives of this blog .The search feature of this blog does not return much of the content in the archives . Anyone attempting to scroll through this blog monthly archive by monthly archive will not be able to view 20 to 30 percent of the content in these archives .More specifically the first several posts of each month are not found in the monthly archives .As an example , with the recent February monthly archive Blogger fails to find and display the first 10 posts for that month .

We have no idea why this is the case . It seems the problem began a couple of days ago .We have attempted to contact Google and report the problem but we are not sure that we actually contacted anyone .

By using our EDIT page we have been able to locate all of the content and actually display it . It therefor seems that the content of the archives is not lost but just currently inaccessible from the front page of this blog.


6 and B Garden Monday Night

Monday, March 01, 2010


Pink Slips... ...

Ray made some money this week end but not enough to cover both his Con Edison bill and his rent . The first of the month is not far off which is when the rent is due but the Con Edison bill involves another turn-off notice so it probably is the bill to pay first .
Not much has been achieved lately as far as solving Ray's biggest problem which is how to survive with out Belgian fries to sell .The day is coming soon when he will not be allowed to fry fries without a complete exhaust and fire suppression system .Ray has not yet found enough new products to sell to make up for the loss of his Belgian fries business .
As if Ray doesn't have enough problems , he now has additional paper work to deal with . Ray's delivery team generates a record of business transactions for Ray in the form of pink slips . Ray has never had any such record of business to complicate his life . Now with the delivery team working Saturday nights many pink slips are produced , one for each order .What does he do with them all?
The delivery team did earn its keep though Saturday night providing Ray with more than $100 in sales from deliveries made to bars , dorms and homes .


Saturday Night in Union Square Park

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