Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Please Note : Much of the Content of the Archives of this Blog is Currently Inaccessible ...

It is not currently possible to access all of the content of the archives of this blog .The search feature of this blog does not return much of the content in the archives . Anyone attempting to scroll through this blog monthly archive by monthly archive will not be able to view 20 to 30 percent of the content in these archives .More specifically the first several posts of each month are not found in the monthly archives .As an example , with the recent February monthly archive Blogger fails to find and display the first 10 posts for that month .

We have no idea why this is the case . It seems the problem began a couple of days ago .We have attempted to contact Google and report the problem but we are not sure that we actually contacted anyone .

By using our EDIT page we have been able to locate all of the content and actually display it . It therefor seems that the content of the archives is not lost but just currently inaccessible from the front page of this blog.

could be a propagation issue - take two aspirin and check on it tomorrow morning or in 48 hours whichever comes later. i find that this is usually the answer or non-answer for most things in life. just wait awhile and things will work again. or repeatedly turn on and off the machine.
also, i'm seeing most if not all of your archived content by clicking to past months. i recently cleared my browser cache, so it may just be your own connection/browser/isp/dns settings/blah blah blah...
Yes you see a random presentation of perhaps 2/3 of the posts that actually exist .

We have tried multiple browsers and it is certainly not a cache problem .

the search feature has been failing to find posts for some time now while the rest of the problem has been a round for a couple days .

In generalthe blogger system does not seem to be able to find posts . that is the problem . the posts are there .
You are certainly not seeing all 1453 posts. Scrolling through month by month shows posts but you do not appreciate that there are more that aren't being shown . As I said perhaps 20 to 30 percent of thew posts are not being displayed when one scrolls through the archive .
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