Thursday, March 04, 2010


Ray Writes a Check for His Liability Insurance ...

Tonight Ray wrote a check to pay for a new commercial general liability insurance policy. Ray received some necessary help from several friends in order to be able to write this check . Amazingly , unlike most businesses , Ray has never had such an insurance policy .
Obtaining this insurance policy has been one of the landlord's 3 requirements . The remaining 2 requirements are that he of course pay his rent and that he also resolve the frying issue by either no longer frying his money maker Belgian fries or by installing a proper exhaust system with an automatic fire suppression system .
Ray spent 6 hours today at his accountant's office being grilled and scolded by government bureaucrats while signing multiple checks for payments to federal and state government agencies . He left the accountants office with most of his rent and Con Edison money spent . It was not an easy task for Ray to write this check for the new insurance policy tonight .

I'm glad progress is being made.
Well goggla it is something but what remains requires miracle
Hi Bob, I'm a grad student in NYU's journalism school - and I've been following the story with Ray's for a few days. I'm considering doing a story about the store for a hyperlocal site we're starting up in conjunction with the NYTimes.

Would you be willing to talk with me for a few minutes about the issues at hand? Let me know and maybe we can set something up.

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