Thursday, March 04, 2010


The Entire Archive for This Blog Now Seems to Be Accessible

We have changed the frequency of the archiving to weekly rather than monthly. This seems to make the whole of the archives available . Though it tends to complicate the problem of choosing which archive , there are so many now , it does as far as we can determine now make it possible to access all 1456 posts . The search feature also now works .

We have no idea what Blogger changed that created this problem . This blog had been operating properly for more than 3 years until something changed all that a week or so ago .

you gotta check to make sure only owner or admin's can access settings. you may have overlooked that fact?
No problem there . All of this we have undercontrol . We are the only administrator .

As far as we can determine Blogger recently made some kind of change in the pagination coding and this resulted in our problem here .

this problem is likely somewhat more widespread than most bloggers realize since most probably don't regularly refer to their entire archive often enough to notice the problem . .
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