Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas Night on Avenue A

Friday, December 25, 2009


Just What Will Cappuccino Really Cost at Ray's Candy Store? ....

Last night at Ray's his new cappuccino was priced very competitively ( look out Starbucks and McDonald's) at $1 per cup . This afternoon the price had risen to $1.50 . This evening , Christmas Eve , yet another story .
One of Ray's volunteer staff found a cobweb covered sign in the basement that was painted sometime in the past with a price of $2 for a cup of cappuccino or espresso . Since the sign was already painted some among his half dozen or so staff of volunteer experts asked the question "since its already painted why not just raise the price again ?" Not much concern was given by Ray's experts to what the market response would be to such a 100% price increase in just 24 hours . His new products were announced all over the Internet at the incredible unbeatable $1 price this morning and now such a change . But that wasn't the only issue . If the sign was to be used and the price increased to $2 where would Ray place the hand painted sign ?Where could space be found to place this rather large hand painted sign ?
While the experts pondered this question searching for space inside and out , Ray was continuing to experiment with his materials and equipment endeavoring to create just the right coffee products . Experiment after experiment produced cup after cup that had to be tasted . And so they were , tasted by official taster Charlie (how will he be able to sleep tonight? ) .
We left Ray's early Christmas morning and most of the important decisions concerning his new coffee products had not been made by Ray and his experts .As we left he did point to his favorite Christmas decoration , a Styrofoam star, and wished all a Merry Christmas .


Jimmy's Free Feed and Party 12 Noon Friday at La Plaza Cultural 9th Street and Avenue C


Biker Bill Says : "What Do You Mean ... Do I Twitter?"

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Steamed Blue Car

Thursday afternoon Con Edison was leaking some steam on 7th street . A blue car parked atop the leaking vent received a good steam cleaning and a thorough soaking .
FDNY was called , probably because it did appear that the blue car was on fire . Quite another story though , the blue car was just being steamed like a blue fish . The firefighters chuckled and moved on to the next emergency .


$1 Cappuccino Coming to Ray's Candy Store...

Starbucks will now have to compete with more than just McDonald's .Ray intends to be a player in the coffee wars .His new coffee product offering along with espresso is now in development with members of Ray's staff working hard to master the art of the barista .


A Winter's 6 and B Garden Without Eddie's Tower of Toys


On 6th Street Wednesday Night


Passed Out in the Snow on Crusty Row

Winter or summer Crusty Row in Tompkins Square Park is always the right place to hang out , drink beers and other things , do drugs , fight ,expose yourself , pass out or , sometime at least , all of the previous .
Today on the row ,in a patch of blood and urine stained snow a man passed out supine . Having had much too much to drink we could not rouse him . Later 2 police officers did wake him and got him onto a park bench. The man refused an ambulance that the police offered to call for him .

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Celebration Busted by NYPD at 111 East 7th Street ...

On 7th street the brightly lighted creche and Christmas trees beneath the bust of Pope John Paul II quietly celebrated Christmas .Three doors to the east though another celebration apparently had not been so quiet .
Just after midnight Wednesday morning , right next door to the Bourgeois Pig at 111 East 7th Street a peculiar holiday situation evolved . As 4 cars full of cops put half a dozen or so young males up against the entrance wall a fire truck full of firefighters could be seen entering the same entrance .
From what we could learn at the scene there had been a big holiday party happening on an upper floor of 111 East 7th Street . Some of the male celebrants seem to have become a bit too rambunctious and police were called to the hectic scene . Some trying to leave the party were trapped in a malfunctioning elevator that stopped before reaching the ground floor thus FDNY was also called to the scene .
As the fire fighters entered the building to free the folks trapped in the elevator , the troublesome male revelers were being detained in the entrance to the building with their hands high up on the wall . At this time a number of the more cautious folks at the party , certainly not wanting any trouble with the police , having descended the stairway were also seen exiting the building by way of this same entrance creating considerable confusion .
No one was arrested nor did it seem that anyone was injured .

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Shopping Union Square


Grace Church Yard


Wednesday Evening on St. Marks Place


Monday Night

Monday, December 21, 2009


Two Males Arrested by Large NYPD Contingent on Avenue A ...

Around 8 AM Monday morning 2 males were arrested in front of a laundromat on the block on avenue A between 6th and 7th streets. The arrest involved a number of police officers who had raced to the scene with both flashing lights and sirens .
One of the 2 arrested males is known here on this blog as "Choice"(a.k.a. Chris). "Choice" was just a few days ago seen here confronting bar patrons and cops on avenue A outside Odessa bar .
Though both males resisted arrest the unidentified male was very uncooperative and special measures were taken to subdue and remove him from the scene of the arrest to a hospital . Police restrained the male's legs with straps and then wrapped him up like a taco in a large restraining jacket . The male was then strapped to a gurney and hauled off to an ambulance .
Few at the scene , including cops , had much to say about why the 2 males were arrested . We noticed an apparently abandoned bicycle though at the scene that one witness , who knows "Choice" well , alleged had been stolen by "Choice" up avenue A a short time earlier .It did appear to be the bicycle that we had seen "choice" walking with earlier .
Twenty minutes earlier we had by chance noticed "Choice " in a confrontation with a male in a dark jacket and a seaman's cap . The male in the dark jacket was yelling at "Choice" , calling him an asshole for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk . Apparently "Choice" had struck the angry man in the dark jacket while riding the bicycle on the sidewalk . A male with a backpack stepped in to prevent a fight . We did see "Choice" at this time pick up the bicycle and walk off to the south across 7th street .We do not believe though that the alleged theft of a bicycle was the reason for the arrests since the bicycle (stolen or not ) remained at the scene after the police had left the area.

P.S. December 25 : According to Ray Alvarez , "Choice" (a.k.a. Chris Keppel) is back on the street a free man . Ray related to us that "Choice" came into his candy store the evening of the day after his arrest .

Sunday, December 20, 2009



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