Thursday, December 24, 2009


$1 Cappuccino Coming to Ray's Candy Store...

Starbucks will now have to compete with more than just McDonald's .Ray intends to be a player in the coffee wars .His new coffee product offering along with espresso is now in development with members of Ray's staff working hard to master the art of the barista .

A great idea coming to fruition. I love Ray's!!!
I cant wait. Hopefully there arent any cockroaches in the cappuccino
I was waiting for a friend and popped into Ray's yesterday for a large coffee--which was great and warming--Ray's is an oasis sometimes--
Where is Jay???????
Where is Bailey??
Hi Bob this is Lilly, after talking with you the other night Haley and I set up a paypal account to collect donations for Ray. Please help spread the word! Maybe make a post about it? Encourage people to give whatever they can! The email address to send money to is

The suggested donation is $20.
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