Friday, December 25, 2009


Just What Will Cappuccino Really Cost at Ray's Candy Store? ....

Last night at Ray's his new cappuccino was priced very competitively ( look out Starbucks and McDonald's) at $1 per cup . This afternoon the price had risen to $1.50 . This evening , Christmas Eve , yet another story .
One of Ray's volunteer staff found a cobweb covered sign in the basement that was painted sometime in the past with a price of $2 for a cup of cappuccino or espresso . Since the sign was already painted some among his half dozen or so staff of volunteer experts asked the question "since its already painted why not just raise the price again ?" Not much concern was given by Ray's experts to what the market response would be to such a 100% price increase in just 24 hours . His new products were announced all over the Internet at the incredible unbeatable $1 price this morning and now such a change . But that wasn't the only issue . If the sign was to be used and the price increased to $2 where would Ray place the hand painted sign ?Where could space be found to place this rather large hand painted sign ?
While the experts pondered this question searching for space inside and out , Ray was continuing to experiment with his materials and equipment endeavoring to create just the right coffee products . Experiment after experiment produced cup after cup that had to be tasted . And so they were , tasted by official taster Charlie (how will he be able to sleep tonight? ) .
We left Ray's early Christmas morning and most of the important decisions concerning his new coffee products had not been made by Ray and his experts .As we left he did point to his favorite Christmas decoration , a Styrofoam star, and wished all a Merry Christmas .

So, is it actually cappuccino? Or is it that powdered stuff that they sell out of vending machines?

If it's real, he should sell the hispanic cafe con leche. Which he can jack the price up on when some yuppie orders it as a latte....
Just thinking--what is happening with Marlene??Hot Dog??
No one seems to know where she is . We can not find her at Rikers .Her friends from the neighborhood miss her. there are no court dates listed for her. Her crimes ( a misdemenor and a violation) were not so serious as to cause her to be sent to the state prison system .Perhaps she has been taken into some one or another program that is caring for her and keeping her off the streets .
Hot Dog has a seasonal gig with Santa as an elf.
Looks like "Charlie the taster" could use some sunlight... ;-)
Hotdog is on Rikers :(

if the link does not work - google NYC DOC inmate lookup service and enter "Marlene Bailey"
Projected release date 04/30/2010
You can send money to her commissary account :)

Hot dog will be locked up for the winter, thus eliminating any chance of her dying from the cold. RATS! Looks like another summer with Hot Dog living in the park harassing the east village natives and chess table dirtbags.
Hopefully she takes care of these west coast hipster wanna be junkies who come here in the summer from some god awfull state to hang around in OUR park.
Does anyone have a review of the grilled cheese with chili? I am intrigued
Hot Dog is doing what inmates call a "skid bid," which can be anywhere from 2-8 months, usually during the winter, so they have a warm place to stay with free meals and television.

By Spring/Summer, they're out on the streets to start the process all over again....if they don't get killed!!
I love prison slang!
Perhaps Hotdog can "hook up" with Lynne Stewart and be her "Daddy" while the "kill their numbers"
I really like your photos. They really capture the neighborhood well.
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