Saturday, February 28, 2009


What Little Difference a Day Makes ...

Folks living preciously , fashionably organic and sustainable with others assiduously drinking booze to stupor : avenue A on this day .
Cochise didn't seem to have profited much from a night sobering up in jail . Not surprisingly we encountered him today on avenue A with a cup in his hand and a beer in his pocket . No rehabilitation and recovery program for him with his last night's incarceration . G , after taking some heavy hits in a street fight last night and two nights ago enduring NYPD pepper spray , forcible restraint and the night in detox at a local hospital was drinking too.
Later in the day both were confronted by police . Cochise opted to pour out his beer and walk away , disappearing for the night . G , wearing his Jimi Hendrix shirt , took the "bus" that the police called for him back to detox .

Thursday, February 26, 2009


"Cochise" Goes Back to Jail ....

Very late this afternoon police took "Cochise" into custody , cuffed him and placed him in a waiting RMP on Avenue A between 7th street and St. Marks Place . "Cochise" , who in the past has often worn a head band with a feather , is also variously known as "Injun Joe" , "Chief" , "Lamp post Man" and Glenn Stevens . "Cochise" or rather Mr. Stevens was arrested this afternoon for public drunkenness .
Recently we have published posts concerning Mr. Stevens : pictures of Mr. Stevens in various states of inebriation . Mr. Stevens has been most commonly seen on avenue A drunk out his mind talking to mail boxes , lamp posts , trees , fences and invisible people among other things . He has also been known to pound on the windows of 7A restaurant/bar and Niagara Bar while jabbering and slobbering unintelligibly to the patrons inside . Many in the neighborhood can likely recall having to step over a sleeping Mr. Stevens at sometime in the past . Mr. Stevens has spent the last many years either on the street drunk out of his mind or sober in a jail cell . Mr. Stevens is in trouble and needs help , lots of help . Much more help than is provided by just another period of sober incarceration is needed . Of course on the streets of the East Village Mr. Stevens and his plight are not unique : he has considerable company .
For some time police attempted to communicate successfully with Mr. Stevens in Tompkins Square Park near the infamous chess tables . As this effort failed they followed him in the street . Mr. Stevens , traveling at a snails pace with his loaded pants riding very low , took 15 minutes to cross avenue A on his way from Tompkins Square Park to Nino's Pizza at the corner of avenue A and St. Marks Place . Mr. Stevens appeared to have purchased and eaten a slice of pizza at Nino's . Police easily took Mr. Stevens into custody at the pizza parlor and walked him down avenue A where Mr. Stevens poured and drank his last cup of beer before being cuffed and hauled away by police .
Today police at the scene of the arrest noted that the District Attorney's office is now attempting to put repeat offenders , such as Mr. Stevens , with substance abuse problems not just in a jail cell for a period of sobriety but also into more extensive , longer term rehabilitation programs than in the past before they are released . If this is all true , we certainly hope that it works well for Mr. Stevens .


Seen of late at Ray's Candy Store : The Chip Butty

That's right it's a french fry--or if you prefer Obama fry--sandwich . You can put butter on the bread ; mayonaise or any sauce in fact on the fries ...even chili and cheese . If you are English or Irish you know of this delight . Especially good after football and half a dozen or so pints .
The chip butty has been seen at Ray's of late . Whats next ? ...Scotch eggs



Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Red Tail Grabs Pigeon on the Wing Above Intersection of Avenue A and Saint Marks Place




Avenue A Afternoon Tableau with Sparks Drinkers , Red Tailed Hawk and a Can and Bottle Gatherer

Sunday, February 22, 2009


At the Corner of Avenue A and 4th Street


Sunday Afternoon in Tompkins Square Park

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