Saturday, February 28, 2009


What Little Difference a Day Makes ...

Folks living preciously , fashionably organic and sustainable with others assiduously drinking booze to stupor : avenue A on this day .
Cochise didn't seem to have profited much from a night sobering up in jail . Not surprisingly we encountered him today on avenue A with a cup in his hand and a beer in his pocket . No rehabilitation and recovery program for him with his last night's incarceration . G , after taking some heavy hits in a street fight last night and two nights ago enduring NYPD pepper spray , forcible restraint and the night in detox at a local hospital was drinking too.
Later in the day both were confronted by police . Cochise opted to pour out his beer and walk away , disappearing for the night . G , wearing his Jimi Hendrix shirt , took the "bus" that the police called for him back to detox .

Considering alcholol abuse is a big problem here what a reliefDavid McWater and his club run the community!!!
Alexandra Militano David McWater Rosie can have a special community meeting at Doc Holliidays and invite Scott Stringer too!
I saw Susan Stetzer walking down the street and not one person said hello. The fact most people do not know or worse have written these people off speaks volume.

The fact these people technically represent the community but are not able to walk the street and be greeted or even recognized should be a badge of shame.

NYC has lost it's soul and The New York Times ran a faux oped piece for Scott Stringer stating in his own
bloated terms he was reforming community boards.

To reform them in reality we need a democracy, we need to vote, we need transparency.

Post 9-11 the NYPD has far greater responsibilities and the greatest challenges yet in NYC history because post 9-11 life has changed, economic collapse and they too are faced with budget cuts and the forced delay of a decade before retirement of one of the most stressful and underappreciated jobs in NYC.

Bloomberg gave us a bad make over so we look like Dubai with mega dorms -- their goal being to destroy the village aka community and it is bring done on all levels because the people are not represented.

We need a democracy rather than an oligarchy with mini Mike wannabes kidding themselves they are not running our community. Federal level on down we need transparency, accountability and a democracy.

Maybe because you took his photo this lost soul will go to rehab.

Sadly as we become oligarchy central beauracry and people like him and so many of in need or trying to get health care know it is more like communist Russia.

How ironic we have Lenin lovers with penthouses a top what was a welfare building and the first symbol of gentrification.

The more things change the more they stay the same.
g is the homie, always got love for me, i always got love for him. with the exception of one other person in the park, i couldn't care less about any of these derels. i feel sad for some, but fuck it, thats life, there are always gonna be supposed "winners," "losers," "greats," "junkies." its human nature for people to be so far apart from one another's lives, but on that note, who beat up g? i got a little something for them.
Thankyou for sharing so much with us Suzannah .

All should know that Suzannah B Troy has a YouTube channel of her own .
YouTube Bob??? "Hubba Bubba!!!"....
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