Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Avenue A Afternoon Tableau with Sparks Drinkers , Red Tailed Hawk and a Can and Bottle Gatherer

is the hawk in the upper rt-hand corner of photo? (i've learned to enlarge your photos, the details are often so interesting)
Yes the hawk is in the very upper right hand corner watching it all play-out on the street below . Later it grabs a pigeon on the fly .

Tammy much of what we show on NMNL requires that the veiwer enlarge the image to see the details .These are often details that are a part of the story and are not available in any other way ;not in the text or the smaller image . This special capability to enlarge takes story telling a little further on the web than can be done in a magazine; producing large images costs money that editors don't want to spend .

With the enlarged full screen image the veiwer can sort of "walk around' in the scene . This is something that considerably enhances the effect of story-telling process .
Bob,finally I get to comment on this!;(I already spoke to you about it!)...when you blow it up the Redtail becomes just another family member in the scene!!!! "Walking around" in this blown up scene gives one the feeling of surreal....
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