Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sunday Afternoon in Tompkins Square Park

We apologize for the poor image reproduction that Blogger performs here at NMNL . Typically the little image is much too dark and the larger version of the image is much too light and low in contrast . Both images suffer a loss of color saturation too.
This is so because no matter what we send to Blogger , Blogger re-sizes and re-jpegs that image to make two images , a larger and a smaller image .During this process apparently Blogger uses a generalized "one-size-fits-all "type of algorithm to adjust value , contrast , color balance and saturation . This means that the carefully adjusted image that we see here on our calibrated monitor is not what Blogger presents to you on NMNL .
We attempt to optimize the image quality for the larger Blogger image , especially with nature scenes as here today . To do this we radically shift the contrast , value and color saturation of the image that we send to Blogger . This attempt to trick Blogger amounts to guessing at values and the result is hit-and-miss but sometimes we get a result for the larger Blogger image that is a bit closer to what we have on our monitor with the properly developed and adjusted original displayed. The down side of this attempt to trick Blogger is that the smaller front image is usually too dark and contrasty . Frustrating and disappointing results so often but not much more that we can do about this ...Blogger is what it is and it is free .

"Blogger,Smogger Bob!!!"...Everyone just please blow up,(to full screen!),Melanie's picture of Biker Bill! It takes away the smile and is so brilliant! It has an effect of Biker Bill,having you locked away somewhere,and occassionally checking up on you through a little door portal!!! Brilliant!!! Let me know what you think....
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