Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The Party is Over : A symbol From the Last Century is Seen Again in the 'Hood....

The party is likely over for many and recently this fact has been noted locally with the appearance of the party-is-over symbol , the up-side-down wineglass . This mark , the property of the ancient anarchist band "Missing Foundation " can be found , as here fittingly scrawled , a cautionary marking on a bar side ATM , around the East Village . No surprise , Peter Missing , namesake of the band , was visiting from Berlin recently .


On Monday Night Back on Avenue A From Down South and Back on the Sauce : Wednesday Back in Jail ....

Leeds vodka--an avenue A favorite-- in hand on Monday night after returning from North Carolina with Amy , Jewels propels himself into the night and shortly , back into jail .


Pictures With Jay : Proper Form With Fractious Avenue A Felons ...

Martial arts master Steve displays technique with Jay .

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



A short time after the photos were taken the guy above threatened a couple with a knife , demanding a sausage with cheese from them . They, with little fuss , complied procuring the desired item from Ray at his nearby candy store ; then quickly , trepidly handing the sausage to the avenue A highwayman and fleeing .
A few minutes after our waylaid couple scurried off into the avenue A night our felon approached several of the locals on the avenue offering to exchange his snack for the money to purchase a beer . No one was interested in such a deal .

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Unit Sales of New Products Up But Profit Margins too Slim ...

This week at Ray' Candy Store at 113 avenue A the new dollar cone and dollar fries were a big hit . Sales of these two new products are definitely impressive but it seems that the cost of production of each of these two new items can not be reduced sufficiently . Sadly the profit per unit of each of these products is not enough when multiplied by the impressive volume of sales to sufficiently help turn Ray's money losing candy store back into a profitable business .


Marlene on a Summer Day


A "Crusty" Fond Farewell to Another Fabulous Tompkins Square Park Summer

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