Wednesday, October 22, 2008


On Monday Night Back on Avenue A From Down South and Back on the Sauce : Wednesday Back in Jail ....

Leeds vodka--an avenue A favorite-- in hand on Monday night after returning from North Carolina with Amy , Jewels propels himself into the night and shortly , back into jail .

what did he do???
and friday..back in jail!
Friday 10/24 back in jail AGAIN! An incident in the park similar to the one with the cane that landed him inside for a while last time :(
what happened to the other posting with upside down martini glass??

Looks like Joel Pakela is staying in the Manhattan Detention Center until at least his next court appearance (Nov 6) unless someone wants to pony up the $500 cash bond.
Every time he starts shit with someone, he gets his ass kicked or at least thrown up against a wall for a "tune-up."

Once in a while, he finds someone who can't defend himself -- that's just what he's looking for.

One of these days he'll fuck with the wrong person and there'll be no more Jewels.
I missed the doggie Halloween parade but I'll be back later tonight--did you get any pix???Miss ya all.
Jewels is a stupid cunt!!!!
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