Sunday, October 19, 2008


A "Crusty" Fond Farewell to Another Fabulous Tompkins Square Park Summer

are they going back to the Hamptons??
perhaps. Who knows but the summer season in TSP is clearly done ...its cold out there today , people are wearing coats .
Aw...See ya next spring!
It's freezing this morning--wish summer and those crustyys were baaack-
It is scary to see those who remain. How much do those little Chinese places on the Bowery charge? I assume more than in the old days.
If Michael Rosen was truly altruistic, as he claims to be, he would arrange for a shelter space to be available in the abandoned bottom level of the Christodora House, a settlement house built in the 1890s for just such a purpose, not for the wealthy parasites that have taken it over.
good riddance.
Yep they just left Minneapolis too. It gets colder here quicker.
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