Saturday, October 18, 2008


The All American Anti-War Marching Band From Chicago , "Environmental Encroachment", Marches from TSP to Drom on Avenue A Friday Night

Friday, October 17, 2008


The Prideful Desire of Quinn and Bloomberg

Le Sacre de l'empereur Napoleon or The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon and the Crowning of the Empress Josephine in the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris by Jacques-Louis David


The Prideful Desire of Bloomberg

Napoleon on his Imperial Throne by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres


Concert in Tompkins Square Park 2 Weeks Past ....

A couple of weeks ago there was concert in TSP with several bands including "Death Mold" , "Two Man Advantage "and "Star Fucking Hipsters" . We never got around to posting the pictures that we took of this concert . We post them here today .
The concert included the performance of Scott Sturgeon of Donut-throwing-arrest fame with the band "Star Fucking Hipsters". This band and the others were observed and sound monitored by the 9th precinct .
Unlike last Sunday's "Harvest Rebellion "concert , which was noticeably louder , this group of bands was required to keep the sound at a nominal 70 dB at 100 feet . At times though it was clear from observing the police dept . sound meter that the bands , especially "Star Fucking Hipsters", were operating at close to 80 dB . When the band did occasionally perform above this 80 dB level the band was told to turn down the amps .
The police dept. has been measuring the sound levels at most of the recent concerts in TSP . The " Harvest Rebellion " was the first concert since the Aug 3rd "20th Anniversary of the 88 Riot Concert" to not be monitored through out its duration . We do not know why this is so . Perhaps enough TSP concert sound level data has been gathered to produce an answer to the federal civil complaint , Penley et al vs. The City of New York before federal Judge Rakof . This complaint against the city argued that the city's process of issuing sound permits is arbitrary and prejudicial and does not meet constitutional standards for due process and equal protection .
We have a link to a section of the NYC Administrative Code that is pertinent to the regulation of public performance sound levels .


Night Pictures

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Red Tailed Hawk and Squirrel in Hari Krishna Tree in Tompkins Square Park ...

Last week we saw one of the first of the immature Red Tailed Hawks that regularly come to Tompkins Square Park in the fall . This hawk hatched this spring and is still learning to hunt . This inexperienced and likely hungry hawk found a squirrel in the western most parts of TSP . The squirrel though was dead a few days as can be seen from all the maggots in its mouth .
The hawk found the squirrel in the area and had taken the dead and swollen squirrel to a perch in the Hari Krishna tree in the center of TSP . Whether the hawk found the rotting squirrel undesirable or just simply wasn't able to hang-on to the squirrel , it dropped it from the tree . The squirrel dropped and landed in front of two surprised boys .
Red Tailed Hawks typically eat carrion , preferably fresh such as road kill , but this squirrel was dead a bit too long a time we suspect to be desirable . We wonder here about how this squirrel died . The coat seemed in good condition and the squirrel appeared well fed . In TSP one has to consider the possibility of some exposed rat poison that could have been ingested by the squirrel . Not a good thing for either squirrel or hawk .


Hanging in the Vagina Tree : Does this Mean that Someone Does Not Like Tompkins Square Park's Halloween Dog Parade ?

Monday, October 13, 2008


This Last Week End on Avenue A at Ray's Candy Store ...

Friday , in response to ever worsening economic conditions in the neighborhood Ray officially introduced his two new recession priced products , his $1.00 ice cream cone and his $1.00 Belgian fries .
A new sign for the fries and cone were made by Amy who helped Ray Friday night at his candy store to make some extra money to help pay for travelling expenses for hers and Jewels' trip to North Carolina . Amy's mother is ill and she is needed at home for a while as her mother recovers . Jewels and Amy left for Amy's home Saturday afternoon . They traveled by dog , that is Greyhound .
Very evident signs of hard times , at least for some , seen all around on avenue A could cause one to believe that the old "Bowery" has come to this East Village avenue . The weakening New York City economy also likely assures that Tompkins Square Park across the street will for some time continue to be the re-entry point for both the state and city prison systems as well as continue to be the dumping ground for the Bellevue psych-ward .


Desk Appearence Ticket for Marijuanna Possession in Tompkins Square Park


Saturday Night Naval Maneuvers at Doc Holiday's


Mosaic Man : A Threat Assessed ?...

Saturday night we found "Mosaic Man" , Jim Power , working to repair one of his damaged mosaic creations , the mosaic seat at the corner of avenue A and St. Marks Place .
The seat had originally been a planter . This planter was struck by a vehicle that had jumped the curb one night and broke the planter and scattered its contents across the sidewalk . Jim at that time chipped away at the remains of the planter , converting it into a seat that was placed next to the bus stop .
Recently someone had broken the deteriorating mosaic seat into two pieces . This Saturday night Jim with the assistance of Victor was putting the mosaic seat back together while also filling it with concrete making it so heavy that no one could possibly move it or roll it over to break it again .
The two were intensely involved in their late night work but Jim stopped , chided Victor to continue while he conversed with us about a very urgent matter . Jim had to tell us that police had come to visit him .
On Friday Jim had called the John Gambling Show to request to talk with the mayor who was being interviewed by Mr. Gambling on the radio . The call screener , probably confused by Jim's inimitable brand of rhetorical tirade , jumped to the conclusion that Jim was a possible threat to the mayor . Of course Jim did not get to ask the mayor any questions .
Later Friday in the evening members of NYPD Intelligence Division's threat assessment unit came to Jim's apartment to talk to him . Again as with the call screener , the threat assessment unit did not quite know how to interpret Jim's loony-seeming rhetorical tirade . According to Jim , one member of the unit asked him directly why he had threatened to kill the mayor . According to Jim he did not threaten to kill the mayor nor did he threaten anyone else . Just how this all worked out without Jim being taken to the psych ward we do not know . One of the team left Jim his card telling him to call if he had any problems . What will follow here we do not know .


Marlene and Halloween Anticipation

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Harvest Rebellion in Tompkins Square Park Hardly Rebels

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