Friday, October 17, 2008


Concert in Tompkins Square Park 2 Weeks Past ....

A couple of weeks ago there was concert in TSP with several bands including "Death Mold" , "Two Man Advantage "and "Star Fucking Hipsters" . We never got around to posting the pictures that we took of this concert . We post them here today .
The concert included the performance of Scott Sturgeon of Donut-throwing-arrest fame with the band "Star Fucking Hipsters". This band and the others were observed and sound monitored by the 9th precinct .
Unlike last Sunday's "Harvest Rebellion "concert , which was noticeably louder , this group of bands was required to keep the sound at a nominal 70 dB at 100 feet . At times though it was clear from observing the police dept . sound meter that the bands , especially "Star Fucking Hipsters", were operating at close to 80 dB . When the band did occasionally perform above this 80 dB level the band was told to turn down the amps .
The police dept. has been measuring the sound levels at most of the recent concerts in TSP . The " Harvest Rebellion " was the first concert since the Aug 3rd "20th Anniversary of the 88 Riot Concert" to not be monitored through out its duration . We do not know why this is so . Perhaps enough TSP concert sound level data has been gathered to produce an answer to the federal civil complaint , Penley et al vs. The City of New York before federal Judge Rakof . This complaint against the city argued that the city's process of issuing sound permits is arbitrary and prejudicial and does not meet constitutional standards for due process and equal protection .
We have a link to a section of the NYC Administrative Code that is pertinent to the regulation of public performance sound levels .

that hairy singer guy just made me puke in my mouth....
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