Monday, October 13, 2008


Mosaic Man : A Threat Assessed ?...

Saturday night we found "Mosaic Man" , Jim Power , working to repair one of his damaged mosaic creations , the mosaic seat at the corner of avenue A and St. Marks Place .
The seat had originally been a planter . This planter was struck by a vehicle that had jumped the curb one night and broke the planter and scattered its contents across the sidewalk . Jim at that time chipped away at the remains of the planter , converting it into a seat that was placed next to the bus stop .
Recently someone had broken the deteriorating mosaic seat into two pieces . This Saturday night Jim with the assistance of Victor was putting the mosaic seat back together while also filling it with concrete making it so heavy that no one could possibly move it or roll it over to break it again .
The two were intensely involved in their late night work but Jim stopped , chided Victor to continue while he conversed with us about a very urgent matter . Jim had to tell us that police had come to visit him .
On Friday Jim had called the John Gambling Show to request to talk with the mayor who was being interviewed by Mr. Gambling on the radio . The call screener , probably confused by Jim's inimitable brand of rhetorical tirade , jumped to the conclusion that Jim was a possible threat to the mayor . Of course Jim did not get to ask the mayor any questions .
Later Friday in the evening members of NYPD Intelligence Division's threat assessment unit came to Jim's apartment to talk to him . Again as with the call screener , the threat assessment unit did not quite know how to interpret Jim's loony-seeming rhetorical tirade . According to Jim , one member of the unit asked him directly why he had threatened to kill the mayor . According to Jim he did not threaten to kill the mayor nor did he threaten anyone else . Just how this all worked out without Jim being taken to the psych ward we do not know . One of the team left Jim his card telling him to call if he had any problems . What will follow here we do not know .

I Love The Mosaic Seat!!!!
How is Jim Power's fund for the trail going?
Beware of WABC's "talk" radio shows -- they have a nasty habit of arranging for folks who dare to call too often to get visits by the Gestapo and/or get busted or committed to a mental hospital for "evaluation." It's happened several times to friends of ours, including our buddy Chris X. Brodeur, who's sued Giuliani and Bloomberg each time.

Our friend Kevin at the now-defunct Superior Copy shop on East Tenth Street told me that "WABC" stands for "We Arrest Bothersome Callers!!"
But this was not WABC . Gambling is not on 77 WABC anymore
Jim is working on the mosaic seat as I write--yeah!!!Jim should be given a grant--his work is more pertinent than those awful fake waterfalls-
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