Monday, October 13, 2008


Desk Appearence Ticket for Marijuanna Possession in Tompkins Square Park

more people of all economic backgrounds will continue to lose their homes and jobs, there will be layoffs in city government and private sector

Self absorbed fools thought it was only about their struggle to fight eviction and now it is an economic tsunami

Spoke to Jim and he may calm himself or have his melt down because he feels pressure but he doesn't understand most eveyone does and some people will be going to work in the days and months only to be laid off

This city in particular 9-11, post 9-11 is in need of miracles large and small mega sized
People from Wall Street praying downtown--what they praying for--more greed-
Roll up!
Shit!! Back in the Guilanni days they used to put you in the tombs for that stuff.
Looks like Angie is a thief not a toker. TOP is theft of property. POM is possession of marijuanna.
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