Saturday, March 01, 2008


17 Days More ...

Amy is reading from the text of a children's story that she and the love of her life , dearest friend and companion , Jewels , are writing together . A story about an island of monkeys that is invaded by pirates . Amy is doing the illustrations and Jewels , poet that he is , is doing the rhyming . They are working together by correspondance : Jewels is currently incarcerated at Rykers Island ... but that is soon to change .
In a bit more than 2 weeks (on or about 18 March 2008 ) Jewels will cross the bridge that connects Rykers to the mainland of NYC and walk back into civilian life . Then he will have served 8 months of a 1 year sentence . Commonly those who behave well at Rykers are released after serving just 8 months of their 1 year sentence . Jewels has been a good boy and thus will be out early .
Returning to civilian life may not be so easy though , he will not have his own place to stay and he will not have an income . He can stay with Amy at her dorm for 3 days but then he will be on his own . Will he head to Tompkins Square park where he has some freinds ?
Jewel's freinds in TSP want him to come down right-away . According to Amy , they have a big party in mind for him with booze , coke , assorted other drugs and strippers .... just exactly what he needs the least . The last place for Jewels to be is TSP and avenue A , the place where his drunken hijinx got him arrested 19 July of 2007 , pictures of which arrest were posted here at NMNL .
Amy believes in miracles affirming that they happen all the time . We certainly hope she is able to work one here for her and Jewels .

Friday, February 29, 2008


The "Mars Bar" : From the Inside Out ...

It was a cold and windy Thursday night ; not so many people on the street... we ended -up at the "Mars Bar" . A friendly place ,we felt at home and had a shot of Bushmill's and a couple of Buds ... cheap too.
In our estimation a venerable and worthy drinking establishment but perhaps a reality that many of the recently arrived East Village upper crust would not be prepared to honestly embrace and suffer .

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Tompkins Square Park Night


Nit-Picking at McDonald's


From the Back Door

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Downtown Scenery

The venerable and truly unique "Mars Bar" with "Whole Foods" and "Avalon-Christie" beyond .
A contempory wine tasting . Though just a couple of blocks distant on Stanton Street , certainly a reality light-years from that of the "Mars Bar" . But really , no matter where you are , when you are hustling something take your hands out of your pockets's not good form .
On Bowery... eating an apple .

"Whole Foods" ... thank you so much , really .

"Avalon-Christie" interior ... a guaranteed "Jetson's family" pleaser . George and Jane are all smiles on this one .

Vertically integrated "American Apparel" on Orchard at Houston ...and the red-pantied one , where's her head ? Vertically integrated up where ..... ?

On Allen street ... left behind ?

Platinus Acerfolia in Sarah Roosevelt Park

Just about this time of year several years ago we played state tournament basket-ball in these shoes ... we had red laces though .

On Allen street a new sky-line populated of monsters intrudes and overwhelms .

In the midst of construction chaos one of the originals , Max Fish .

Phebes over-towered at 4th and Bowery .

St. Marks Place at night .


Saturday Night Fights ....

It seems from our street observations and police communications that there were more than the ususual number of fights this last Saturday night .There were disorders including fights all evening long . Too many for the police to attend all of them in time to do at least a little good . We certainly were not able to get to many but we did ,in our prowlings , see remnants of crowds and several sections of freshly blood-splattered sections of sidewalk .
From the street we could see that there were more people out than usual .There were nearly constant traffic jams on avenue A and some side-streets . Police communications were active constantly reporting disorders all over the East Village. Disorders occuring usually propinquant to a bar or club .
We didn't get many pictures Saturday night . Of the pictures that we did get , the ones above ,we took after a fight outside a bar named "Ice " on 2nd avenue between 1st and 2nd streets shortly before closing time . This fight , between a patron and a bouncer , drew a large and , according to witnesses and police , unruly crowd . According to witnesses at the scene ,three bloodied individuals were taken to hospital by ambulance .

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