Sunday, February 24, 2008


Downtown Scenery

The venerable and truly unique "Mars Bar" with "Whole Foods" and "Avalon-Christie" beyond .
A contempory wine tasting . Though just a couple of blocks distant on Stanton Street , certainly a reality light-years from that of the "Mars Bar" . But really , no matter where you are , when you are hustling something take your hands out of your pockets's not good form .
On Bowery... eating an apple .

"Whole Foods" ... thank you so much , really .

"Avalon-Christie" interior ... a guaranteed "Jetson's family" pleaser . George and Jane are all smiles on this one .

Vertically integrated "American Apparel" on Orchard at Houston ...and the red-pantied one , where's her head ? Vertically integrated up where ..... ?

On Allen street ... left behind ?

Platinus Acerfolia in Sarah Roosevelt Park

Just about this time of year several years ago we played state tournament basket-ball in these shoes ... we had red laces though .

On Allen street a new sky-line populated of monsters intrudes and overwhelms .

In the midst of construction chaos one of the originals , Max Fish .

Phebes over-towered at 4th and Bowery .

St. Marks Place at night .

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