Sunday, February 24, 2008


Saturday Night Fights ....

It seems from our street observations and police communications that there were more than the ususual number of fights this last Saturday night .There were disorders including fights all evening long . Too many for the police to attend all of them in time to do at least a little good . We certainly were not able to get to many but we did ,in our prowlings , see remnants of crowds and several sections of freshly blood-splattered sections of sidewalk .
From the street we could see that there were more people out than usual .There were nearly constant traffic jams on avenue A and some side-streets . Police communications were active constantly reporting disorders all over the East Village. Disorders occuring usually propinquant to a bar or club .
We didn't get many pictures Saturday night . Of the pictures that we did get , the ones above ,we took after a fight outside a bar named "Ice " on 2nd avenue between 1st and 2nd streets shortly before closing time . This fight , between a patron and a bouncer , drew a large and , according to witnesses and police , unruly crowd . According to witnesses at the scene ,three bloodied individuals were taken to hospital by ambulance .

eh, i saw the siren aftermath of the fight at ice.

while i honestly haven't a true word of what truthfully and actually occurred, i heard that a number of men ran out of the bar at once with (purposefully) broken liquor bottles and that it was the bouncers who were taken to the hospital. needless to say, regardless of the truthfulness of this or not, bar fights that require multiple ambulances and multiple police cars and vans is no scoffing matter. i can only hope everyone is aok.
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