Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Tompkins Square Park Night

Tompkin Square Park, 2 poems, 2 views

Lost souls
sit in Tompkins Square Park
waiting as if some bus
will arrive
but it ain't ever going to arrive,
toothless, vicious cycles, broken dreams and needles,
empty bottles of cheap alcohol and drugs,
under the stunning green canopy Tompkins


light illuminates
magnificent trees
connecting living tapestry
shelter from chaotic city
swaying softly
living canvas
enduring stories
poetry alive at peace
I am at peace rich moments precious quietude
under the stunning green tapestry

I posted this with one of my drawings of the trees on my valentines

Thinking of those brave souls that make the community safe for us to enjoy the beautiful trees...thank you. And a dear 9-11 friend that walks with me unconditionally...

here are the poems with the drawing of a tree from Tompkins....
Valentine's day was my poem in the hexagon in the park from the "The Going"
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