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Some of What Remains of Saint Brigid's Church -Part 4

"Monuments are links which unite the generations . Preserve what your fathers have seen "
Joseph Joubert 1754 -1824

The 36 pictures that comprise this 4 part post concerning the condition of St Brigid's Church in the East Village have been presented in order that my neighbors and anyone else that would care can see how St. Brigid's church looks from the inside today . I have attempted here to do as old Joubert admonishes and that is preserve for some at least the shadows of what has been seen by so many before .For those who knew , loved and remember this church , they can unhappily be reminded of what has been lost .
In these 36 pictures ,the result of the brutal demolishing ,most of which was accomplised in a night and a day and a half , of the interior of this church and its furnishings can easily be seen but the considerable architectural and historical merit of this ediface can also still be seen in spite of the wanton and extensive application of hammer and pry-bar .
Structurally and mechanically this church is restorable to a sound and functional condition but unfortunately it is doubtful that St. Brigids can ever be restored to its original state architecturally because of the extreme cost of doing so .This is not a hopelessly impossible situation though because with imagination and effort people who care can create a new version of St. Brigid's here that is somewhere between what was and what is now .
For more on St. Brigid's Church , its situation today and its history , go to
Also on this blog Neithermorenorless look at the July 2006 post titled "Crows Omen" for pictures of the demolition crew and some of the results of the demolition at the end of the first night and day of destruction .


Some of What Remains of Saint Brigid's Church-Part 3

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Some of What Remains of Saint Brigid's Church-Part 2


Some of What Remains of Saint Brigid's Church -Part 1

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Historic Sal's Pizza Closes at Original Avenue A and 7th Street Location

Back in the old days when I first experienced Sal's it wasn't just " Sal's" but " Sal and Tony's" and Sal and Tony made the best pizza to be found in the East Village . Tony especially had a special way of working the dough to just the right consistency ,texture and thickness . In those days there was a separate back room where people could eat not just pizza but pasta ,sandwiches and other Italian specialties in a location that was out of sight and private . This room was often occupied by cops , postal worker s , government workers and those who , for whatever reason , desired privacy . That was a long time ago ...maybe a bit more than 30 years ago .
A few years later Tony left to open his own pizza parlor in Brooklyn and the place became Sal's Pizza . Not too many years ago Sal left for the Poconos and opened a little place of his own out there , which I believe he still operates . This location was leased to a different operator that continued to use the name "Sal's" . For whatever reason this most recent operator is moving their pizza operation one block away ,which operation will also be called "Sal's Pizza ", to a new location near the intersection of avenue A and 6th Street .

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The Reverend Billy Arrested at Astor Place Starbucks

After speaking at the Whole Earth Bakery rally The Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping and his choir made their way to the cube in Astor Place to speak and sing with the usual religous ferver of the wrongs committed against Ethiopean coffee farmers by Starbucks , the giant , corporate coffee seller .

Starbucks it seems , according to the Reverend , has blocked the Ethiopean government and its coffee farmers from trademarking their ancient and native coffee names such as Sidamo , Harar ,and Yirgacheffe and has taken ownership of at least some of the names for itself to be used as a brand in its own coffee shops .The consequence is that without the ownership of the names as trademarks , marketing of Ethiopean coffees is made more difficult by not having an exclusive hold on their own named ancient and native coffees. Because of this Ethiopean coffee farmers are suffering losses in the market place .

The choir sang as always

After speaking at the cube in Astor Place ,the Reverend takes the fateful steps , lectern on shoulder , across the street to Starbucks and ultimately into the coffee shop itself .

Starbucks staff and NYPD made an attempt to keep the Reverend from speaking inside the coffee shop and as seen above community affairs officer Detective 2nd grade , Jamie Hernandez , tries to talk the Reverend into leaving the premises peacefully . Shortly the Reverend is hustled out of the coffee shop , physically .
Starbucks staff were also not at all tolerant of anyone taking pictures . ....but not to much affect .

The Reverend Billy is hustled out the front door by NYPD .

Outside the Reverend Billy takes a break ,collects his thoughts and will shortly begin again to protest at the front door of the Astor Place Starbucks coffee shop .

A very blonde Starbucks employee requests that the Reverend and his crew move away from the front door of the coffee shop .

While I was changing the full SD memory card in my camera , of course just the right time to re-load , the Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping was arrested by NYPD for , I believe , blocking pedestrian traffic which I have just been told will amount to a ticket and release Saturday night .

As the Reverend is hauled away in an RMP by NYPD the choir carries on , on its own .

P.S. 5 Feb. 2007 : The charges against Reverend Billy may have been more serious than reported earlier and may have include dissorderly conduct and criminal trespass which are a bit more serious . It is not clear whether Reverend Billy has been released or is being held in central booking downtown .
P.S. 6 Feb. 2007 : Reverend Billy spent 23 hours in the tombs and was released Sunday afternoon . Starbucks will press criminal trepass charges against him .


Rally for Whole Earth Bakery in Tompkins Square Park

Above : Peter Silvestri , in lower left corner above globe , owner of the Whole Earth Bakery with friends and fellow vegans in TSP on Sunday afternoon .Many friends gathered along with various activists to enjoy Peter's vegan cooking and baking in the park and to celebrate his 18 years in the neighborhood and to help find a new location for his vegan cooking and baking business .Peter is being forced to move from his place of business on St . Marks Place , where he has been since 1988 , by another greedy landlord ,Friedman Management , that wants more money than Peter can pay . A common and familiar story in the East Village today ,unfortunately .

Several people spoke , some of whom are pictured below .

Above : The Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping and his choir .

Above : Activist Suzannah B. Troy

Above : Long time neighborhood activist Fran Luk

Above : Peter Silvestri

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