Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Historic Sal's Pizza Closes at Original Avenue A and 7th Street Location

Back in the old days when I first experienced Sal's it wasn't just " Sal's" but " Sal and Tony's" and Sal and Tony made the best pizza to be found in the East Village . Tony especially had a special way of working the dough to just the right consistency ,texture and thickness . In those days there was a separate back room where people could eat not just pizza but pasta ,sandwiches and other Italian specialties in a location that was out of sight and private . This room was often occupied by cops , postal worker s , government workers and those who , for whatever reason , desired privacy . That was a long time ago ...maybe a bit more than 30 years ago .
A few years later Tony left to open his own pizza parlor in Brooklyn and the place became Sal's Pizza . Not too many years ago Sal left for the Poconos and opened a little place of his own out there , which I believe he still operates . This location was leased to a different operator that continued to use the name "Sal's" . For whatever reason this most recent operator is moving their pizza operation one block away ,which operation will also be called "Sal's Pizza ", to a new location near the intersection of avenue A and 6th Street .

The Old Sal's
--I ate a chocolate ice there and ran into cockroaches--ugh--never the same since
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