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Some of What Remains of Saint Brigid's Church-Part 3

Powerful and evocative photos and the question is who did this to the St. Brigid?

And the answer is....
The Church is an important part of the history of New York, a school, safe haven and what has been done to preserve this stunning piece of history and beauty that sits on the edge of Tompkin Square Park as if to testify that value of preserving history and now more than ever a resource and safe haven for the people of the neighborhood who are not multimillionaires invading the area and univerisites like NYU the East Village's Ahab obsessed with mega dorming us to death. Powerful photos that show although St. Brigid's has taken an unnecessary beating, still, her beauty shines oasis that looks over the park like a guardian angel that needs divine intervention and emergency rescue...and we wait...
How does Egan get up every morning and look in the mirror...?
Submitted by Suzannah B. Troy, Sep 28, 2007 11:07

With his generous donations one who hope that Mr. Wilson would confront Cardinal Egan's disgraceful act which feels crimminal, selling churches here in NYC like he is having a bake sale. I was one of many people that witnessed the parishoners of St. Ann's at 120 East 12th St crying and praying on the street, some on their knees and for what...yet another NYU hideous mega dorm while evictions continue to rise.

The are horrifying photos on blogs by our local photographers of St. Brigid's being destroyed by the Church's hired hands until the community got a restraining order.

Here is one blog site: type in St. Brigids to see the disturbing horror inflicted on the stunning St. Brigids and by hired hands of Cardinal Egan with his blessing.

Right now it is even hard to focus because of the loud construction company hired by NYU to tear down St. Ann's so please come to 120 East 12th Street and witness the facade of St. Ann's from 1847 and the world record speed build with the help of the city because NYU must have their housing as evictions rise and churches with schools and community resources are shut down.

I would like to have Mr. Wilson confront the cardianal. Maybe he could get his attention because we could not and yes I wrote Egan.


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Children othen than Inner City [62 words]
Patricia Clausi
Aug 7, 2007 15:30

? ? If only Mr. Wilson would confront Cardinal Egan about his selling the churches like he is having a bake sale. [224 words]
Suzannah B. Troy
Sep 28, 2007 11:07

Jun 24, 2007 22:00

Jun 22, 2007 05:34

May 30, 2007 19:09

Comment on Philanthropist To Donate $23M To Archdiocese
Please go to this blog site and search for shocking photos of St. Brigids' battering and destruction by the the Church and please come vist St. Ann's and witnessed the most corrupt NYU mega dorm build ever in NYC's history and with the mayor and amanda burden socialite mega millionaire city planner assistance. Hold you nose because it stinks but be our witness.


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Day so beautiful despite the difficulties
Category: Writing and Poetry

Riding up in the elevator with a very young mom and dad -- I am in shock and denial can't believe I am 45 and their baby gave me the most beautiful smile on the planet and everything felt so right in the world at that moment. The only event I could imagine to make something like that more earth shattering if I gave birth to the baby and that was my beautiful baby.

Through out the day it was hard to really exhale and relax but the beauty of people's souls like one character that exudes grace as if G-d kissed him with grace despite such sad circumstance and the sun light dancing on the beautiful trees in our little park did make my heart feel happiness and peace but the baby's stunning face -- the beauty and the smile just so moved me, such purity of emotion, honesty and love in the beautiful smile shared with me given to me so much love in the beautiful smile of this beautiful child and everything just felt so right in the world...

The community will take any money from creepy developers posing as community activists that fight greg singer but are developers like greg singer. What is happening here is so corrupt on every level and it is sickening. The church is battered by workers hired by the church.

If only you could have documented the parishoners of St Ann's and I can still hear their cries and prayers but it meant nothing to a corrupt mega real esatate magnate posing as higher education run by John Sexton and his powerful friends like Jon Corizone and Bill clinton. shocking. shocking how our neighbhorhood has been destroyed and for what and by whom so NYU is now the no. 1 real estate magnate and the church has done one monterous act after another and they mayor and city planner amanda burden a mega millionaire socialite support the destruction of our beautiful historic landmarks. I never imagined post 9-11 this would have happened.
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