Saturday, February 10, 2007


Some of What Remains of Saint Brigid's Church -Part 4

"Monuments are links which unite the generations . Preserve what your fathers have seen "
Joseph Joubert 1754 -1824

The 36 pictures that comprise this 4 part post concerning the condition of St Brigid's Church in the East Village have been presented in order that my neighbors and anyone else that would care can see how St. Brigid's church looks from the inside today . I have attempted here to do as old Joubert admonishes and that is preserve for some at least the shadows of what has been seen by so many before .For those who knew , loved and remember this church , they can unhappily be reminded of what has been lost .
In these 36 pictures ,the result of the brutal demolishing ,most of which was accomplised in a night and a day and a half , of the interior of this church and its furnishings can easily be seen but the considerable architectural and historical merit of this ediface can also still be seen in spite of the wanton and extensive application of hammer and pry-bar .
Structurally and mechanically this church is restorable to a sound and functional condition but unfortunately it is doubtful that St. Brigids can ever be restored to its original state architecturally because of the extreme cost of doing so .This is not a hopelessly impossible situation though because with imagination and effort people who care can create a new version of St. Brigid's here that is somewhere between what was and what is now .
For more on St. Brigid's Church , its situation today and its history , go to
Also on this blog Neithermorenorless look at the July 2006 post titled "Crows Omen" for pictures of the demolition crew and some of the results of the demolition at the end of the first night and day of destruction .

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