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1:30 A.M.Saturday Morning at the Intersection of 7th Street and Avenue A

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Tito's Back in Town

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Cape Cod

A doctor said to him "stop drinkin' and you won't have seizures" . A doctor said to him "stop drinkin' and you'll have seizures ". He had a seizure and cops took him in . He spent a few hours in a detox ward and was then delivered to a judge who told him that he should  take his medicine so that he wouldn't have seizures . The judge also removed 12 warrants and turned him lose . Monday night he was back on avenue A having some beers. .

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Dave at Saint Marks Place


Dirty Harry

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Manny in T.S.P.


Dave at Ray's

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Man Shot Friday Night on 12th Street Near Avenue C

We're a little late with this  post . Recently in conversations with Police Dept. officials it was confirmed that a young man, 18 or so years of age , took a round in his arm pit Friday night on 12th street near avenue C . These same officials noted that 2 rounds were discharged . No word was given regarding the condition of the victim nor whether anyone was taken into custody and charged with shooting the young man .

This shooting , according to officials , occurred near the Social Security Administration office on 12th street . Just on the other side the Campos Plaza building on the opposite side of 12th street , through a breezeway , in the Campos commons area stands a temporary guard tower . This guard tower , now with its view partially obscured by tree leaves , was placed in the commons area of Campos Plaza to deter gang activities and other criminal action.


Biker Bill Attacked on Avenue A Sunday Night

Sunday night we were leaning on a car on avenue A talking with Biker Bill . As we were talking , sometime around 10 PM , a man in his late fifties approached Bill , punched him , grabbed Bill's walking stick and struck Bill in the face several times.Bill had been facing away from his assailant as he approached . The attack was a surprise and the first blows stunned Bill .

Bill recovered a bit  as the attack continued .Bill managed to defend himself until he fell , Bill has a damaged hip and can't walk all that well . Bill's assailant then kicked Bill in the ribs aggressively .

While on the sidewalk Bill's assailant began striking Bill's face , pounding a right fist , with large sharp edged rings on 4 fingers , into Bill's face like a pile driver . We grabbed the assailants right arm . Loudly he repeatedly proclaimed "I'm goin' to kill him" .We pulled his arm away from Bill's face . The assailant then stood up and backed away from Bill .

For a while the 2 men argued shouting at each other  . A week or so earlier the assailant  had been attacked by another party in Tompkins Square Park. He believed  Bill had  something to do with that attack .Bill had nothing to do with the T.S.P. attack . The "beef " between the 2  actually went back further and was much more complicated . The shouting stopped and Bill walked  over to a car and sat on the fender .

 While resting , catching his breath facing the street , Bill's assailant approached quietly Bill's blind side . He grabbed Bill's hair , pulled him backwards off the fender to the street , then kicked Bill severall times . The police arrived and Bill's assailant fled .An ambulance also arrived and cleaned Bill's wounds . Bill refused a trip to the emergency room.

Bill had received  warning of a possible attack from a friend who had received a phone call threatening such an attack . Bill had no idea when this attack would occur . Bill let his guard down and paid for that mistake .


Avenue A Street Life


Navy on Avenue A

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Answer Coalition Protests Racial Profiling at Continental

Saturday night Answer formed a protest at Continental Bar on 3rd avenue near St. Marks Place . Though the protesters attempted to convince people not to enter Continental Bar  most who wanted to enter Continental Bar did enter .

A group of Marines in town for fleet week passed by with some Marines entering Continental Bar . The protesters booed loudly those Marines that entered .

A small , mostly plain clothes , contingent of NYPD personnel including a lieutenant was discretely present .

Bar owner Trigger with his distinctive head wear was not seen .

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