Monday, May 30, 2011


Biker Bill Attacked on Avenue A Sunday Night

Sunday night we were leaning on a car on avenue A talking with Biker Bill . As we were talking , sometime around 10 PM , a man in his late fifties approached Bill , punched him , grabbed Bill's walking stick and struck Bill in the face several times.Bill had been facing away from his assailant as he approached . The attack was a surprise and the first blows stunned Bill .

Bill recovered a bit  as the attack continued .Bill managed to defend himself until he fell , Bill has a damaged hip and can't walk all that well . Bill's assailant then kicked Bill in the ribs aggressively .

While on the sidewalk Bill's assailant began striking Bill's face , pounding a right fist , with large sharp edged rings on 4 fingers , into Bill's face like a pile driver . We grabbed the assailants right arm . Loudly he repeatedly proclaimed "I'm goin' to kill him" .We pulled his arm away from Bill's face . The assailant then stood up and backed away from Bill .

For a while the 2 men argued shouting at each other  . A week or so earlier the assailant  had been attacked by another party in Tompkins Square Park. He believed  Bill had  something to do with that attack .Bill had nothing to do with the T.S.P. attack . The "beef " between the 2  actually went back further and was much more complicated . The shouting stopped and Bill walked  over to a car and sat on the fender .

 While resting , catching his breath facing the street , Bill's assailant approached quietly Bill's blind side . He grabbed Bill's hair , pulled him backwards off the fender to the street , then kicked Bill severall times . The police arrived and Bill's assailant fled .An ambulance also arrived and cleaned Bill's wounds . Bill refused a trip to the emergency room.

Bill had received  warning of a possible attack from a friend who had received a phone call threatening such an attack . Bill had no idea when this attack would occur . Bill let his guard down and paid for that mistake .

oh what a tough guy, sucker punching someone with a cane and a bad hip.
I hate pussies who sucker punch or sneak attack. If this guy was a man, he would have faced Billy to fight him, but the way he fights speaks for itself.

I hope Billy is alright....
Dear Bob,
Thanks for the info on this, Billy told me Nothing about it when I saw him, but thats billy, he'll take on the whole world single handledly & not complain, I think whoever it was that went at him is a coward for not going @ him face to face to begin with.
Once agin thanks for starting up the blog again, the neighborhood needs this alot more than a guard tower in compos plaza, & great picture of Manny too! when'd he start dressing up again,
The beating at times was brutal Roger . I haven't seen bill since so I have no idea how well he is
If Bill tells the H.A.'s about this, it won't be good for that guy. It sounds like you saved Billy from getting a much worse beating.
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