Sunday, May 29, 2011


Answer Coalition Protests Racial Profiling at Continental

Saturday night Answer formed a protest at Continental Bar on 3rd avenue near St. Marks Place . Though the protesters attempted to convince people not to enter Continental Bar  most who wanted to enter Continental Bar did enter .

A group of Marines in town for fleet week passed by with some Marines entering Continental Bar . The protesters booed loudly those Marines that entered .

A small , mostly plain clothes , contingent of NYPD personnel including a lieutenant was discretely present .

Bar owner Trigger with his distinctive head wear was not seen .

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I guess the Marines decided that any bar that angered middle aged women and guys with regrettable tattoos was OK by them ;)
Isnt the bouncer of the bar black? What irony
I barely remember the original beef, something about a bunch of obvious hoods being refused entrance or something a couple years ago? Been a bouncer myself mostly further west but some Ave A. Not about race, about obvious attitude problems. If 40 chill, or student, or gay, black dudes showed up, HAPPY for the bizniz. A flock of gangstas? No thanks.
umm, yeah i don't believe they are profiling there, agree with anon above. I've seen every shade there always having a good time.

they let civil people in, that the end of it.
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