Friday, May 06, 2011


Pickin' Up Snipe

A man needs a smoke . With not even enough money for a "tax free" pack on avenue D or perhaps at a local bodega , of necessity a man looks for snipe . He spots that butt with a little smoke left  . Now he's got at least a couple of puffs . It helps but if he really needs a smoke , its look for more snipe .

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


In the Rain Today at the Temperance Fountain

In a place and time that knows little of it , a fountain stands for temperance . At its foot  some graven marks in stones in black asphalt name some who are remembered . Among these hexagons was lately , finally placed the small marker of a life's trace , a friend of many and stranger to temperance, Barnacle Bill Scott .

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Johnny Bizarre's Tongue and Other Things

For real ? Yes , we winced at the sight and sound of it all . Mouse traps snap , you know , with deadly results for small furry mammals . Johnny though  seemed to just ,we are tempted to say "grin and bear it ", but how can you grin with your tongue in a mouse trap .The imaginings of what the pain had to be were troubling . Johnny though just stood there quietly with his damned rodent trap contraption hanging from his tongue.

Johnny also displayed his collection of cut nails , and some very shiny 20 penny nails too .He claims that during his act , Johnny is a performer , he sticks the nails up his nose ... and up his penis too .

This Monday evening on avenue A , L.E.S. Jewels and Johnny were hangin' together . Jewels chimed in that Johnny was teaching him how to stick nails up his penis .He said he had yet to learn how to get the nail all the way up his penis . Jewels said though that he will continue to work at it until he can go all the way . Interesting what boys alone with their phalli will do .

Monday, May 02, 2011


How to Get a Dose of Pepper Spray in T.S.P.

It was just a couple of guys throwin' some punches , an argument of some sort , no big thing ... it is T.S.P. after all . That is until Five-O rolled up next to the pair of park pugilists . The fighter  in black backed off , 2 cops climbed out of the patrol car and the pink shirted puncher kept right on agressin' . One of the cops told the pink shirted one to calm down more than once , there was no response other than more belligerence .

Out came the pepper spray , the  cop sprayed the pink shirted male ... while also lightly spraying the white haired cop and the fighter in black jacket  . The white haired cop and the black jacketed  male immediately moved away from the spray waving their hands to disperse the stinging droplets away from their faces .The pink shirted male immediately bent over crying .Still belligerent the pink shirted male was shortly cuffed to the park bench but not before attempting  to hug the white haired cop .Later after being un-cuffed he again  tried to hug  and also cry on the shoulder of the white haired cop .But such was to no good end , he was finally taken , in custody, to an ambulance to be transported to a local hospital .

Sunday, May 01, 2011


Alleged Krack Smoking Bartender Flips Out and Expels Patrons , Wait Staff and Manager From Bistro ... Then Locks Himself Inside Bistro

 That krack don't smoke itself ! According to witnesses , early Sunday morning at 103 avenue A that seems to have been the case . Allegedly a krack smoking bartender smoked just a little too much krack and in a krack induced fit threw the patrons , the manager and the wait staff out of the Avenue A Bistro Cafe . Then the high flying mixologist locked himself in side the bistro .

Police were called to the location . The gate and door were opened and the police entered the bistro, siezed and cuffed the krack smoking bartender . We saw one cop holding what appeared to be the krack crazed culprit's krack stem .The cuffed bartender was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for observation.

This evening at 103 avenue A we were again reminded that its drugs and booze that make the East Village go .

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