Friday, May 06, 2011


Pickin' Up Snipe

A man needs a smoke . With not even enough money for a "tax free" pack on avenue D or perhaps at a local bodega , of necessity a man looks for snipe . He spots that butt with a little smoke left  . Now he's got at least a couple of puffs . It helps but if he really needs a smoke , its look for more snipe .

Isn't smoking banned in NYC? Wonder who's tossing all the butts way...
Well Mick , it is true that someone does have to be smoking to have butts to toss.Certainly if Mayor Mike , in all his moral certainty, ever caught anyone tossin' a butt he would likely have them abducted and secretly spanked or something .

Prohibition isn't quite here yet though the taxes are high enough on a pack that new criminal empires are right now being built on selling "tax free" cigs.

I suspect that our Mayor's great moral awakening , in all its profound inclusivness , will produce much the same as the previous 3 or 4 such awakenings .

Its likely that in the present though,good news here for Jewels , the butts will continue to be tossed.
I don't know to get in touch with you except through here. I have a new book out called '100 Whores' about the whores that used to make money selling themselves on 3rd Ave between 12th-14th Streets in the 60s & 70s. It's now available at the St Marks Bookshop. Hope you have a look.
I will take a look over at the bookstore .
Glad he got the smoke! Nice action photo! I started smoking when I was 13 and cigarettes were 50 cents a pack. I don't pick up cigarettes off the street yet, but sometimes I will look longingly at a half a puffed out butt on the sidewalk. There's a joke somewhere in that last sentence, but I need to start drinking! Cheers!
Damn, I messed up the web addy for 100 Whores, it should be

Aw Marty! they'e just habits , we make too much of them . Have a drink for me
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