Wednesday, May 04, 2011


In the Rain Today at the Temperance Fountain

In a place and time that knows little of it , a fountain stands for temperance . At its foot  some graven marks in stones in black asphalt name some who are remembered . Among these hexagons was lately , finally placed the small marker of a life's trace , a friend of many and stranger to temperance, Barnacle Bill Scott .

"a friend of many and stranger to temperance, Barnacle Bill Scott."

R.I.P. Barnacle Bill Scott. Wish I would've gotten the chance to know you. Nice tribute, Bob.
A good guy he was Marty . Bill was an able bodied seaman and spent much of the year in distant waters , exotic ports .Then it was back on dry land , stateside which really meant a lot of time was spent in T.S.P.. Bill came ashore to spend his hard earned pay with his many friends and when it was gone he he went back to sea to earn more .In the last few years though he often lamented the end of the East Village : the new version was less and less a place for a drunken sailor to spend his pay
Nice tribute. RIP.
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