Saturday, September 05, 2009


Last Night Someone Stole Jim's Cane While He Slept . Tonight He Walked with a Dragon's Headed Staff

Monday, August 31, 2009


Dating Etiquette :How to Call on Your Date in Tompkins Square Park ...

He noses her hole . He pats the soft surrounding mound with his delicate feet . Yes , this is where she lives .
Anxious and insecure : one last grooming .He slicks his hair . He bites a flea .
Now a bark down her hole , a squeak to most .
He waits politely , patiently
She rises to the rim . They nose a hello-how-are-you .
Ah! ... now its off to a good romp in the bushes .

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Shots Fired at 507 E. 11th Street Saturday Night ...

Some time around 10:30 PM Saturday night shots were fired in the rear yard of 507 E 11th street between avenues A and B . Police were looking for 3 black males with a black gun . NYPD aviation was called to search nearby roof tops but was not able to comply due to weather conditions . No one was injured .As of the time of this writing none of the 3 males have been apprehended.


Small Rain Drops Were Falling Early Sunday Morning


2 Scenes From Ray's Candy Store : Frozen Yo and A Fist Full of Dollars


Anti-Fascists on Avenue A Saturday Night

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