Saturday, September 05, 2009


Last Night Someone Stole Jim's Cane While He Slept . Tonight He Walked with a Dragon's Headed Staff

So, why won't you or any other "locals" in the "community" help Jim get housed?
I suppose you're satisfied merely to report on his downfall and eventual demise?
He is dying out there - but it makes for a compelling blog, I guess.
Well actually we have tried to get Jim housing . Without much success most of the time . Jim's situation is precarious . Jim is adifficult individual to house , especially with a dog .

The thing that we can do effectively is draw attention to Jim's situation .You've noticed him here . In the past it has usually led to someone noticing his situation and sometimes offering Jim some sort housing .
I think the "SLACTIVIST" should stand up and make "JIM" a media hero As this guy is a vet, why not get the VA on this????
i remember as a kid watching him work, it was a treat to see something that was so uniform being turned into a beautiful, well thought, intricate, aesthetically pleasing piece of art. it was a sad day when the city rolled through with the dull grey paint and covered a great number of the light poles up. whenever i see jim, i give him what i have in my pocket, it isn't enough to get a place to live, but its more than the dollar bills i see people hand him. the man, quite simply is a neighborhood legend, yet people walk by him like he doesn't exist. i feel as if a documentary would perhaps benefit him financially. i grew up in the east village, born and raised, and many of the things that i loved have disappeared to make way for disgusting horror show dorms, hotels, 3500 dollar a month apartments and storefronts, seeing jim's work still there at least reminds me of the neighborhood that i would have died for and now want to kill for.
Someone really should make a documentary about Jim. His work gives the neighborhood some of its old character that is just rapidly disappearing.
i remember a couple of years ago he was doing pretty well, and had a blog where you could order custom art work from him...he was even honored by the city of NY....

does anyone know why he's homeless right now? I'm worried about him
does anyone know how he became homeless? he seemed to be doing quite well a couple of years ago. perhaps the NYT would be interested in his situation? they did a long profile of him not long ago, maybe in '05 or '06
mental health treatments are available with medicaid.
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