Saturday, August 29, 2009


The Entire Friday Night Protest for the Homeless at the Christadora : No One Arrested


Hot Dog at Ray's Friday Night : No One Arrested

Friday, August 28, 2009


Thursday Night : Mosaic Man Attacked Again and Shots Fired on 6th Street .

Jesse Jane had some fun tonight : a slobbery ball game with friends at Ray's. She later received some strokes of congratulations when Jim showed some visitors to Ray's her picture in "The Villager ".
Later while on their way to a place to sleep Jim was attacked by one Jose Palacios , here previously known as the "Drink Thief". Palacios approached Jim to get some money . Jim having little of nothing refused him . Palacios noticeably drunk then went for weak and infirm Jim , grabbing him .
Those who had been playing ball with Jesse Jane earlier were quickly right there in Palacios' face ready to pound him into the sidewalk .But it was petite and gentle Bailey who really saved the day when she stepped in between Jim , his defenders and Palacios . Bailey very effectively calmed things down . Police were called and the drunken Palacios , taking Bailey's advice , finally walked off into the night .
Jim continued on his way to find a place to sleep . He was very tired and also in some pain . He found some bedding , card board boxes , leaning against one of the planters that he had made 3 years ago on St Marks Place . He then sat down for a while .
Along with Biker Bill we scouted the block where he was sleeping this night looking for trouble makers . Once it was clear that there was no one around to cause Jim problems we said good night .
Part II : Shots fired on 6th Street
In another earlier unrelated event some juvenile gun play sent folks scrambling for cover .
According to witnesses several shots were fired shortly after sundown at 724 E. 6th street ,on the block between avenues C and D.
According to a witness the sidewalk had been filled with adults and children . A fight broke out among several young males . Then shots were fired and everyone went for cover .The shooter fled the scene . No one was injured . Cops shortly arrived at the scene and did give chase to the extent that they could . According to a witness' description the shooter that fled the scene was a 13 year old male wearing a black T-shirt .
As far as we know no one was arrested . Sorry , for technical reasons no pictures of this event .

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Alone and Fearful ...

We found Jim tonight in a dark and out of the way corner of Tompkins Square Park resting with Jesse Jane and another homeless man . True safety is a luxury that Jim can't afford . Jim has to settle for a few moments of peace here and there as he can find it . In the park he is constantly on the lookout for one or another group of young men that might attack him . There really isn't any place safe at night if you are homeless on the streets of the East village .
Tonight some young males had been running in the park . Jim had watched them intently as they ran the park . At one point they spent some time playing , rough housing it on the new play equipment in the new children's playground at 9th and avenue A . Jim noted that he had seen several times before such behavior by groups of young males in this playground .
After the park closed at midnight he spent a short time at Ray's Candy Store then moved on to find a new , relatively safe place to sleep with his dog Jesse Jane . He asked us to check on him before we went home and also to photograph him and his dog sleeping which we did .

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Without the Good Luck of a Charmed L.E.S. Jewels , This Man Was Actually Arrested for Allegedly Exposing Himself on Crusty Row

How many times have you seen L.E.S Jewels brandishing his private parts in flagrante delicto here on NMNL ? And how often was he arrested for such displays ? Few, few, few times arrested dear reader .
For this dude though , its one time caught with "Willy" in hand in public , on Crusty Row of all places , and he goes downtown . It ain't fair .


Mosaic Man , Bedding in Hand , and Dog Jesse Jane Welcome Another Day on St. Marks Place

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Markey Hayden Bena Attacked on 7th Street Again ...

The picture above was taken at Ray's Candy Store at 11:15 PM Monday night . Markey was attacked and beaten an hour earlier on 7th street between avenues C and D . This is the 3rd post that we have made since the middle of May 2009 depicting a battered Markey .
Tonight 3 young males , Markey claims 15 to 17 years of age , attacked Markey while he was sitting quietly on the sidewalk drinking a beer . The young males seemed to know Markey . They commented "... oh you got a hair cut man ..." . Markey's hair was shaved at the beginning of July to make way for stitches after his most recent beating that occured on 9th street . These 3 may have been some of the same young males that beat Markey on May 8th of this year . This previous beating occured at 7th street and avenue B in front of Vasac's Horse Shoe Bar .
Markey as can be seen has some cuts , scrapes and bruises . He reported the attack to the 9th precinct . He had not received medical attention yet when we photographed him .


Monday Night at Forbidden City

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Mosaic Man Attacked on 9th Street Early Saturday Morning ...

Early Saturday morning 3 drunks singing "...rain drops keep fallin' on my head ..." turned the corner of 9th street and avenue A . Jim had just risen from his rude bed on the 9th street side walk next to Doc Holiday's to move his possessions a little closer to the building under the scaffolding since it had started to rain .
The group approached Jim walking uninvited under the the scaffolding to get out of the rain . One of the drunken males started pissing in the door way next to Jim's bed ; Jim protested . The drunk then shoved Jim , wrestled with him and according to Jim started to reach for his wallet in his hip pocket . Jim claims that the other male also joined the fray but was not so much of a problem . According to Jim the drunken woman just stood and watched . Jesse Jane barked and growled a bit too.
As Jim fought back standing his ground at his little resting place under some scaffolding , the 3 middle aged drunks gave up the contest and left heading down avenue A to ray's candy store . Jim followed them at a distance .Jim wasn't hurt too badly just some bruises and scrapes .
Jim told us this most recent episode in the continuing saga of his existence on the street while sitting at a table in the Tompkins Square Park dog run with his dog Jesse Jane . The place wreaked of dog urine . Dogs barked and chased each other while a gang of teen aged youths ran wildly and jumped fences mostly claiming for themselves the east end of TSP.
Jim also told us about being robbed earlier in the week by some young well dressed males . Jim was working on a mosaic at curbside . The half dozen or so young males , according to Jim around 16 or so, taunted him and then took his donations that were in a small container sitting next to him. These donations amounted to $35 , a large sum for Jim to loose .
Sitting surrounded by the dark of night at a picnic table we talked with Jim illuminated by the flux of his very bright utility light . Jesse Jane slept . Jim's train of thought wandered from subject to subject finally settling on a night 40 years ago in Vietnam .
On this night 40 years ago he spent his last night in the field down south near My Tho , a small town in the Mekong delta . The next day his Army Signal Corp unit would return to Long Bihn . This last night he was on garbage detail and there was work to be done collecting garbage from garbage containers . He and a buddy intended to have a good time too while collecting garbage . After all they were in the Army , right ? Jim bought some local Vietnamese cigarettes
According to Jim "Park Lane" cigarettes when smoked relax one more than one would expect a cigarette to do .... and then the world starts dissolving . Everything solid drips . According to Jim , opium , tobacco and killer Thai weed made Park Lanes something other than "just another cigarette"
The 2 soldiers were driving a 3/4 ton truck heading down a dark unlighted local road picking up garbage along the way . They were on their own out there on the road and did pretty much as they pleased between emptying garbage containers that is . Later in the evening the road ahead in the light of the trucks headlights turned to green . They had reached the end of this particular road . There was no more road ahead , just the verdant wilds of the Mekong Delta . They decided to light up .
For a while they felt very much at ease . They decided to climb to the top of a nearby abandoned shed . They wanted to be up high , really high . They worked their way to the top of the steel corrugated roof and the world started to dissolve . Ah , that Thai weed .
As the known solid world dripped away machine gun fire began . Sizzling tracer rounds whizzed by right over head . Fireworks now too . Jim said that it clearly was a 50 caliber weapon . He claimed that those firing the weapon weren't necessarily the enemy but were likely private security personnel protecting a local Vietnamese plantation .
Both Jim and his buddy tried to get down as low as they could as soon as they could . They slid down the corrugated roof with the sharp edges of the steel slitting and scraping their bellies , arms and legs . Jim went over the edge of the roof bleeding but hung on to the edge of the roof not dropping to the ground . He did not know how far up or how far down he was . He did not know how far the drop to the ground was . Eventually he tired and had to let go of the roof dropping a whole foot to the ground .
Not much has changed for Jim . His future is still very unpredictable . Sometimes a hint of the future is quite threatening . Its still from one moment to the next that he lives . But then Jim often claims that he never really came back from Vietnam .


John Penley and Biker Bill , 2 Homelss Veterans on Crusty Row Saturday Night


2 Males Shot in Front of Forbidden City at 13th Street and Avenue A...

At 4:20AM or so Sunday morning 2 males were shot in front of a bar named Forbidden City which is near the intersection of 13th Street and avenue A .
According to witnesses the 2 males were fighting on the side walk in front of the bar . Shots were fired with one male going down in front of the bar and the other male going down out in the middle of avenue A .According to witnesses only 2 shots were heard . Police later found one empty casing on the sidewalk which was covered with a paper cup and another casing was found under a nearby parked car .
We know from a friend of one of the victims that at 5AM one of the males was in the hospital in critical condition . We never learned the condition of the other shot male . The one male in critical condition was said by witnesses to be an employ of Forbidden City .
We do not know whether the 2 shot males shot each other or whether others shot one or the other or both of them . Some witnesses did claim to see males running from the scene .

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